Network Stack Features

This section describes a little about the network stack and describes some benefits:

  • Layer 2 - 4 Network Stack

    • Fast lookup tables for routes, bridge entries

    • Arbitrary n-tuple classifiers

    • Control Plane, Traffic Management and Overlays

  • Linux and FreeBSD support

    • Support for standard Operating System Interfaces such as AF_Packet, Tun/Tap & Netmap.

  • Network and cryptographic hardware support with DPDK.

  • Container and Virtualization support

    • Para-virtualized interfaces; Vhost and Virtio

    • Network Adapters over PCI passthrough

    • Native container interfaces; MemIF

  • Host Stack

  • Universal Data Plane: one code base, for many use cases

  • Out of the box production quality, with thanks to CSIT.

For more on the TCP Host Stack press next.