FD.io VPP  v19.01.3-6-g70449b9b9
Vector Packet Processing
Release notes for VPP 18.07

More than 533 commits since the 18.04 release.



  • DPDK 18.02.1
    • Complete rework of the dpdk-input node
    • Display rx/tx burst function name in "show hardware detail"
    • Improve buffer alloc perfomance
      • This is ~50% improvement in buffer alloc performance. For a 256 buffer allocation, it was ~10 clocks/buffer, now is < 5 clocks.
    • Add per-numa page allocation info to 'show memory'
    • Vectorized bihash_{48,40,24,16}_8 key compare
      • bihash_48_8 case:
        • Scalar code: 6 clocks
        • SSE4.2 code: 3 clocks
        • AVX2 code: 2.27 clocks
        • AVX512 code: 1.5 clocks
    • Pollable Stats
      • Stats are now available to a client in a shared memory segment and in the form of a directory, allowing very high performance polling of stats without directly querying VPP.

VNET & Plugins

  • IGMP improvements
    • Enable/Disable an interface for IGMP
    • improve logging
    • refactor common code
    • no orphaned timers
    • IGMP state changes in main thread only
    • Large groups split over multiple state-change reports
    • SSM range configuration API.
    • more tests
  • IP: vectorized IP checksum
  • VXLAN : HW offload RX flow
  • Rework kube-proxy into LB plugin and add NATA66
  • NAT:
    • Code refactor
    • Syslog
    • Multiple outside interfaces
    • Endpoint dependent filtering and mapping
  • ACL:
    • Tuple Merge algorithm cleanup and integration
    • Processing pipeline optimizations
    • Refactoring
  • Experimental AVF driver

Host stack

  • Session: performance improvements, add support for connectionless transports, datagram reception and transmission
  • TCP: congestion control improvements and overall fixes
  • UDP: datagram mode
  • TLS async support

Known issues

For the full list of issues please refer to fd.io JIRA.

Issues fixed

For the full list of fixed issues please refer to:

API changes

Description of results:

  • Definition changed: indicates that the API file was modified between releases.
  • Only in image: indicates the API is new for this release.
  • Only in file: indicates the API has been removed in this release.
                      Message Name                         Result
    abf_itf_attach_add_del definition changed abf_itf_attach_details only in image abf_itf_attach_dump only in image abf_plugin_get_version definition changed abf_policy_add_del definition changed abf_policy_details only in image abf_policy_dump only in image af_packet_details only in image af_packet_dump only in image avf_create definition changed avf_delete definition changed bind_sock_reply definition changed bind_uri_reply definition changed dhcp6_client_enable_disable definition changed dhcp6_clients_enable_disable definition changed dhcp6_duid_ll_set definition changed dhcp6_pd_client_enable_disable definition changed dhcp6_pd_reply_event only in image dhcp6_pd_send_client_message definition changed dhcp6_reply_event only in image dhcp6_send_client_message definition changed dhcp_client_config definition changed dhcp_client_details only in image dhcp_client_dump only in image dhcp_compl_event definition changed dslite_address_details only in image dslite_address_dump only in image gbp_endpoint_group_add_del definition changed gbp_endpoint_group_details only in image gbp_endpoint_group_dump only in image gbp_recirc_add_del definition changed gbp_recirc_details only in image gbp_recirc_dump only in image gbp_subnet_add_del definition changed gbp_subnet_details only in image gbp_subnet_dump only in image hw_interface_set_mtu definition changed igmp_details definition changed igmp_dump definition changed igmp_enable_disable definition changed igmp_event definition changed igmp_group_prefix_details only in image igmp_group_prefix_dump only in image igmp_group_prefix_set definition changed igmp_listen definition changed ikev2_profile_set_auth definition changed ikev2_profile_set_id definition changed ip6_add_del_address_using_prefix definition changed ip_mroute_add_del definition changed ip_probe_neighbor definition changed ip_scan_neighbor_enable_disable definition changed ip_unnumbered_details only in image ip_unnumbered_dump only in image ipip_6rd_add_tunnel definition changed ipip_add_tunnel definition changed ipip_tunnel_details definition changed ipsec_sa_details definition changed ipsec_sad_add_del_entry definition changed ipsec_tunnel_if_add_del definition changed kp_add_del_pod definition changed kp_add_del_vip definition changed kp_conf definition changed lb_add_del_vip definition changed mactime_add_del definition changed mactime_enable definition changed memclnt_create definition changed memclnt_create_reply definition changed memfd_segment_create definition changed nat44_add_del_lb_static_mapping definition changed nat44_add_del_static_mapping definition changed nat44_del_session definition changed nat44_lb_static_mapping_details definition changed nat44_static_mapping_details definition changed nat44_user_session_details definition changed pipe_create definition changed pipe_delete definition changed pipe_details only in image pipe_dump only in image pot_profile_activate definition changed pot_profile_add definition changed pot_profile_del definition changed proxy_arp_add_del definition changed proxy_arp_details only in image proxy_arp_dump only in image proxy_arp_intfc_details only in image proxy_arp_intfc_dump only in image sock_init_shm_reply definition changed sockclnt_create definition changed sockclnt_create_reply definition changed sr_localsid_add_del definition changed sr_localsids_details definition changed sr_policies_details only in image sr_policies_dump only in image sr_policy_add definition changed sr_policy_del definition changed sr_policy_mod definition changed sr_steering_pol_details only in image sr_steering_pol_dump only in image sw_interface_details definition changed sw_interface_set_mtu definition changed tap_create_v2 definition changed vnet_bier_neighbor_counters only in image vnet_get_summary_stats_reply definition changed vxlan_offload_rx definition changed want_bier_neighbor_stats definition changed want_dhcp6_pd_reply_events definition changed want_dhcp6_reply_events definition changed Found 107 api message signature differences

Patches that changed API definitions

e9fcf23 Fix some build warnings about "Old Style VLA"
25b0494 GBP V2
381e9a9 MAP: Move MAP-E/T to a plugin.
947ea62 IGMP improvements
d92a0b5 Rework kube-proxy into LB plugin
70a26ac NAT44: nat44_del_session and nat44_user_session_details API update (VPP-1271)
ebdf190 NAT44: TCP connection close detection (VPP-1266)
1e5c07d Add special Twice-NAT feature (VPP-1221)
16aa7f8 DSLite: Implement new API call DSLITE_ADDRESS_DUMP.
258a189 avf: api fix
6c9b964 avf: binary API and configurable RX/TX queue size
7055e26 Driver level time-based src mac filter
669d07d ACL based forwarding
dab732a VPP-1335 vapi crash when memclnt_keepalive received
7895872 Remove the historical memfd api segment bootstrap
a21a367 VPP-1324 SIGSEGV vl_msg_api_handler_with_vm_node()
586479a BIER neighbor stats
e906aac STATS: Separate socket for fd exchange.
048a4e5 export counters in a memfd segment
d723161 MTU: Software interface / Per-protocol MTU support
fe7d4a2 Revert "MTU: Setting of MTU on software interface (instead of hardware interface)"
70083ee MTU: Setting of MTU on software interface (instead of hardware interface)
a9855ef Flow: Rename IPFIX exporter.
81119e8 Implement DHCPv6 PD client (VPP-718, VPP-1050)
dd3b8f7 Implement DHCPv6 IA NA client (VPP-1094)
d9778c2 Update DHCPv6 DUID code and fix coverity warnings
81119e8 Implement DHCPv6 PD client (VPP-718, VPP-1050)
daff178 DHCP Client Dump
dd3b8f7 Implement DHCPv6 IA NA client (VPP-1094)
947ea62 IGMP improvements
7eaaf74 proxy_arp: remove unused is_add
0053de6 ARP proxy dumps
9e2f915 IP unnumbered dump
7f358b3 Periodic scan and probe of IP neighbors to maintain neighbor pools
e821ab1 IP mcast: allow unicast address as a next-hop
c7b4304 Implement ip_probe_neighbor API
947ea62 IGMP improvements
2c2feab VPPAPIGEN: Add union and enum support and IP4/IP6 address type.
04e0bb2 af_packet: Add support for dump interfaces
d600ffe Update tapv2 documentation
0b06111 VPP-1305: Add support for tags
ee8b973 VOM: support for pipes
17ff3c1 Pipes
d57f636 VPP-1277: IPIP - Copy TOS/TC from inner packet to outer.
7fb0fe1 udp/session: refactor to support dgram mode
4b089f2 ipsec: support UDP encap/decap for NAT traversal
e9fcf23 Fix some build warnings about "Old Style VLA"
8e1039a Allow an IPsec tunnel interface to be renumbered
af86a48 vxlan:offload RX flow
3337bd2 Fixed bugs in SRv6 API
e9fcf23 Fix some build warnings about "Old Style VLA"