Add a plugin’s GO API

In order to use your plugin’s API with GO, you will need to use a GO client and GO definitions of the API messages that you defined in myplugin.api (go bindings).

These two things can be found in govpp

  • The API client lives in ./core

  • The api-generator lives in ./binapigen

  • A sample of its output (the go bindings) for VPP’s latest version lives in ./binapi

To generate the go bindings for your plugin. Assuming : * /home/vpp is a VPP clone with your plugin in it. * /home/controlplane is a go controlplane repo

$ mkdir /home/controlplane/vpp-go-bindings
$ git clone>
$ cd govpp
$ BINAPI_DIR=/home/controlplane/vpp-go-bindings VPP_DIR=/home/vpp make gen-binapi-from-code

This will generate the go-bindings in /home/controlplane/vpp-go-bindings For example vpp-go-bindings/myplugin/ will contain :

// MypluginEnableDisable defines message 'myplugin_enable_disable'.
type MypluginEnableDisable struct {
        EnableDisable bool                           `binapi:"bool,name=enable_disable" json:"enable_disable,omitempty"`
        SwIfIndex     interface_types.InterfaceIndex `binapi:"interface_index,name=sw_if_index" json:"sw_if_index,omitempty"`

You can then use the generated go bindings in your go code like this :

package main

import (


func main() {
        // Connect to VPP
        conn, _ := govpp.Connect("/run/vpp/api.sock")
        defer conn.Disconnect()

        // Open channel
        ch, _ := conn.NewAPIChannel()
        defer ch.Close()

        request := &vpe.MypluginEnableDisable{
            EnableDisable: true,
        reply := &vpe.MypluginEnableDisableReply{}

        err := ch.SendRequest(request).ReceiveReply(reply)
        if err != nil {
                fmt.Errorf("SendRequest: %w\n", err)

As you will need to import (or go get "") to leverage the API client in your code, you might want to use the api-generator directly from the clone go build fetches for you. You can do this with :

$ export GOVPP_DIR=$(go list -f '{{.Dir}}' -m
$ cd $GOVPP_DIR && go build -o /some/bin/dir ./cmd/binapi-generator
$ # instead of make gen-binapi-from-code you can rewrite the code to target
$ # your version ./binapi-generator