FD.io VPP  v16.09
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t Struct Reference

mpls eth tunnel operational state response More...

Data Fields

u32 context
u32 tunnel_index
u32 intfc_address
u32 inner_fib_index
u32 mask_width
u32 encap_index
u32 hw_if_index
u8 l2_only
u8 tunnel_dst_mac [6]
u32 tx_sw_if_index
u32 nlabels
u32 labels [nlabels]

Detailed Description

mpls eth tunnel operational state response

Template Parameters
tunnel_index- eth tunnel identifier
intfc_address- interface ipv4 addr
mask_width- interface ipv4 addr mask
hw_if_index- interface id
encap_index- reference to mpls label table
nlabels- number of resolved labels
labels- resolved labels

Definition at line 4312 of file vpe.api.

Field Documentation

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::context

Definition at line 4314 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::encap_index

Definition at line 4320 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::hw_if_index

Definition at line 4321 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::inner_fib_index

Definition at line 4318 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::intfc_address

Definition at line 4317 of file vpe.api.

u8 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::l2_only

Definition at line 4322 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::labels[nlabels]

Definition at line 4326 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::mask_width

Definition at line 4319 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::nlabels

Definition at line 4325 of file vpe.api.

u8 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::tunnel_dst_mac[6]

Definition at line 4323 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::tunnel_index

Definition at line 4315 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_mpls_eth_tunnel_details_t::tx_sw_if_index

Definition at line 4324 of file vpe.api.

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