FD.io VPP  v16.09
Vector Packet Processing
ip6_sr_add_del_policy_args_t Struct Reference

Args for creating a policy. More...

Data Fields

 policy name More...
u8 ** tunnel_names
 tunnel names More...
u8 is_del
 Delete the policy? More...

Detailed Description

Args for creating a policy.

Typically used for multicast replication. ie a multicast address can be associated with a policy, then replicated across a number of unicast SR tunnels.

Definition at line 130 of file sr.h.

Field Documentation

u8 ip6_sr_add_del_policy_args_t::is_del

Delete the policy?

Definition at line 139 of file sr.h.

u8* ip6_sr_add_del_policy_args_t::name

policy name

Definition at line 133 of file sr.h.

u8** ip6_sr_add_del_policy_args_t::tunnel_names

tunnel names

Definition at line 136 of file sr.h.

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