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cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  iphdrtype_
struct  tcptype_


#define net2host16(x)   clib_net_to_host_u16( x)
#define net2host32(x)   clib_net_to_host_u32( x)
#define net2host64(x)   clib_net_to_host_u64( x)
#define host2net16(x)   clib_host_to_net_u16(x)
#define host2net32(x)   clib_host_to_net_u32(x)
#define host2net64(x)   clib_host_to_net_u64(x)


typedef struct iphdrtype_ iphdrtype
typedef struct tcptype_ tcptype


int watch_ftp_port_cmd (iphdrtype *ip, tcptype *tcp, u32 *ip_addr, u16 *port)
u8ftp_test_pkt_gen (u32 ip_addr, u16 port)
int update_ftp_port (u8 *pkt, u32 new_ip, u16 new_port, i8 *delta, cnat_main_db_entry_t *db_tcp_control, dslite_table_entry_t *dslite_entry_ptr, ipv6_header_t *ipv6_hdr)
int cnat_ftp_alg (u8 *pkt, i8 *delta, cnat_main_db_entry_t *db, dslite_table_entry_t *dslite_entry_ptr, ipv6_header_t *ipv6_hdr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FTP_ALG_DEBUG_PRINTF (   ...)
{ \
printf(__VA_ARGS__); \
} }
Definition: cnat_cli.h:95
u32 global_debug_flag

Definition at line 122 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.


Definition at line 118 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

#define host2net16 (   x)    clib_host_to_net_u16(x)

Definition at line 36 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

#define host2net32 (   x)    clib_host_to_net_u32(x)

Definition at line 37 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

#define host2net64 (   x)    clib_host_to_net_u64(x)

Definition at line 38 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

#define net2host16 (   x)    clib_net_to_host_u16( x)

Definition at line 33 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

#define net2host32 (   x)    clib_net_to_host_u32( x)

Definition at line 34 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

#define net2host64 (   x)    clib_net_to_host_u64( x)

Definition at line 35 of file cnat_v4_ftp_alg.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct iphdrtype_ iphdrtype
typedef struct tcptype_ tcptype

Function Documentation

int cnat_ftp_alg ( u8 pkt,
i8 delta,
cnat_main_db_entry_t db,
dslite_table_entry_t dslite_entry_ptr,
ipv6_header_t ipv6_hdr 
u8* ftp_test_pkt_gen ( u32  ip_addr,
u16  port 
int update_ftp_port ( u8 pkt,
u32  new_ip,
u16  new_port,
i8 delta,
cnat_main_db_entry_t db_tcp_control,
dslite_table_entry_t dslite_entry_ptr,
ipv6_header_t ipv6_hdr 
int watch_ftp_port_cmd ( iphdrtype ip,
tcptype tcp,
u32 ip_addr,
u16 port