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Vector Packet Processing
jvpp_common.c File Reference
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#define JVPP_DEBUG   0
#define DEBUG_LOG(...)


void call_on_error (const char *callName, int contextId, int retval, jclass callbackClass, jobject callbackObject, jclass callbackExceptionClass)
 Calls onError callback on callbackObject reference. More...


jvpp_main_t jvpp_main

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#define DEBUG_LOG (   ...)

Definition at line 26 of file jvpp_common.c.

#define JVPP_DEBUG   0

Definition at line 20 of file jvpp_common.c.

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void call_on_error ( const char *  callName,
int  contextId,
int  retval,
jclass  callbackClass,
jobject  callbackObject,
jclass  callbackExceptionClass 

Calls onError callback on callbackObject reference.

Passes instance of callbackExceptionClass as parameter.

Definition at line 32 of file jvpp_common.c.

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jvpp_main_t jvpp_main

Definition at line 30 of file jvpp_common.c.