FD.io VPP  v16.09
Vector Packet Processing
vlib_node_runtime_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

u32 clocks_since_last_overflow
u32 max_clock
u32 max_clock_n
u32 calls_since_last_overflow
u32 vectors_since_last_overflow
u32 next_frame_index
u32 node_index
u32 input_main_loops_per_call
u32 main_loop_count_last_dispatch
u32 main_loop_vector_stats [2]
u16 flags
u16 state
u16 n_next_nodes
u16 cached_next_index
u16 cpu_index
uword runtime_data [(128-1 *sizeof(vlib_node_function_t *)-1 *sizeof(vlib_error_t *)-11 *sizeof(u32)-5 *sizeof(u16))/sizeof(uword)]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 412 of file node.h.

Field Documentation

u16 vlib_node_runtime_t::cached_next_index

Definition at line 462 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::calls_since_last_overflow

Definition at line 430 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::clocks_since_last_overflow

Definition at line 421 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_runtime_t::cpu_index

Definition at line 465 of file node.h.

vlib_error_t* vlib_node_runtime_t::errors

Definition at line 418 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_runtime_t::flags

Definition at line 452 of file node.h.

vlib_node_function_t* vlib_node_runtime_t::function

Definition at line 415 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::input_main_loops_per_call

Definition at line 444 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::main_loop_count_last_dispatch

Definition at line 447 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::main_loop_vector_stats[2]

Definition at line 449 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::max_clock

Definition at line 424 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::max_clock_n

Definition at line 427 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_runtime_t::n_next_nodes

Definition at line 457 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::next_frame_index

Definition at line 436 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::node_index

Definition at line 439 of file node.h.

uword vlib_node_runtime_t::runtime_data[(128-1 *sizeof(vlib_node_function_t *)-1 *sizeof(vlib_error_t *)-11 *sizeof(u32)-5 *sizeof(u16))/sizeof(uword)]

Definition at line 472 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_runtime_t::state

Definition at line 455 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_runtime_t::vectors_since_last_overflow

Definition at line 433 of file node.h.

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