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Vector Packet Processing
map_ip4_reass_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

map_ip4_reass_key_t key
f64 ts
u16 expected_total
u16 forwarded
i32 port
u16 bucket
u16 bucket_next
u16 fifo_prev
u16 fifo_next

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file map.h.

Field Documentation

u16 map_ip4_reass_t::bucket

Definition at line 135 of file map.h.

u16 map_ip4_reass_t::bucket_next

Definition at line 136 of file map.h.

u16 map_ip4_reass_t::expected_total

Definition at line 131 of file map.h.

u16 map_ip4_reass_t::fifo_next

Definition at line 138 of file map.h.

u16 map_ip4_reass_t::fifo_prev

Definition at line 137 of file map.h.

u16 map_ip4_reass_t::forwarded

Definition at line 132 of file map.h.

u32 map_ip4_reass_t::fragments[MAP_IP4_REASS_MAX_FRAGMENTS_PER_REASSEMBLY]

Definition at line 139 of file map.h.

map_ip4_reass_key_t map_ip4_reass_t::key

Definition at line 128 of file map.h.

i32 map_ip4_reass_t::port

Definition at line 134 of file map.h.

f64 map_ip4_reass_t::ts

Definition at line 129 of file map.h.

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