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nat64_defs.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  nat64_v6_to_v4_tcp_counter_t
struct  nat64_v4_to_v6_tcp_counter_t
struct  nat64_v6_to_v4_udp_counter_t
struct  nat64_v4_to_v6_udp_counter_t
struct  nat64_v6_to_v4_icmp_counter_t
struct  nat64_v4_to_v6_icmp_counter_t
struct  nat64_v6_to_v4_icmp_error_counter_t
struct  nat64_v4_to_v6_icmp_error_counter_t
struct  nat64_frag_counter_t
struct  nat64_options_counter_t
struct  nat64_icmp_gen_counter_t
struct  nat64_inst_gen_counter_t
struct  nat64_counters_t
struct  nat64_portmap_t
struct  nat64_v4_db_key_t
union  nat64_v4_key_t
struct  nat64_v6_key_t
struct  nat64_timeout_info_t
struct  l4_frag_info
struct  nat64_table_entry_t
struct  nat64_common_pipeline_data_
struct  nat64_v6_to_v4_pipeline_data_
struct  nat64_v4_to_v6_pipeline_data_


#define NAT64_MAX_FRAG_ID_COUNTERS   (256)
#define NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES   500
#define NAT64_MAX_ID   (NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES-1)
#define NAT64_INVALID_ID   (0)
#define NAT64_MAX_CFG_INSTANCES   64
#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_LEN   96
#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_0   0x0064FF9B
#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_1   0x00000000
#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_2   0x00000000
#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_3   0x00000000
#define NAT64_TIMEOUT_RST(db)
#define NAT64_UDP_DEF   300 /* 5min */
#define NAT64_TCP_TRANS_DEF   240 /* 4min */
#define NAT64_TCP_EST_DEF   7200 /* 2Hrs */
#define NAT64_TCP_V4_DEF   6 /* 6 sec */
#define NAT64_FRAG_DEF   2 /* 2 sec */
#define NAT64_ICMP_DEF   60 /* 60 sec */
#define IPV4_TOS_OVERRIDE_FLAG   0x1
#define IPV6_TOS_OVERRIDE_FLAG   0x2
#define NAT64_TCP_V4_INIT_ENABLE   1
#define NAT64_BIB_LOG_ENABLE   0 /* Default */
#define NAT64_BIDIR_REFRESH   1 /* 1 - timer refresh in both direction */
#define NAT64_UNIDIR_REFRESH   0 /* 0 - default (only v6 side refresh timer)*/
#define NAT64_BIDIR_REFRESH   1 /* 1 - timer refresh in both direction */
#define NAT64_UDP_ZERO_CHECKSUM_DROP   1 /* 1 -drop */
#define NAT64_FRAG_ENABLE   1
#define NAT64_FRAG_DISABLE   0


typedef struct l4_frag_info l4_frag_info_t
typedef struct nat64_common_pipeline_data_ nat64_common_pipeline_data_t
typedef struct nat64_v6_to_v4_pipeline_data_ nat64_v6_to_v4_pipeline_data_t
typedef struct nat64_v4_to_v6_pipeline_data_ nat64_v4_to_v6_pipeline_data_t


u32 nat64_config_debug_level
u32 nat64_data_path_debug_level
u32 nat64_translation_create_count [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_delete_count [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_create_rate [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_delete_rate [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_in2out_forwarding_count [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_in2out_forwarding_rate [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_out2in_forwarding_count [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_out2in_forwarding_rate [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_create_count_old [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_delete_count_old [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_in2out_forwarding_count_old [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_out2in_forwarding_count_old [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
nat64_table_entry_t nat64_table_array [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
nat64_counters_t nat64_all_counters [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
nat64_inst_gen_counter_t nat64_inst_gen_counters [NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IPV4_TOS_OVERRIDE_FLAG   0x1

Definition at line 329 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define IPV6_TOS_OVERRIDE_FLAG   0x2

Definition at line 330 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 340 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_BIB_LOG_ENABLE   0 /* Default */

Definition at line 349 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_BIDIR_REFRESH   1 /* 1 - timer refresh in both direction */

Definition at line 356 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_BIDIR_REFRESH   1 /* 1 - timer refresh in both direction */

Definition at line 356 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_FRAG_DEF   2 /* 2 sec */

Definition at line 281 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_FRAG_DISABLE   0

Definition at line 383 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_FRAG_ENABLE   1

Definition at line 382 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_ICMP_DEF   60 /* 60 sec */

Definition at line 282 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_INVALID_ID   (0)

Definition at line 40 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_MAX_CFG_INSTANCES   64

Definition at line 42 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_MAX_FRAG_ID_COUNTERS   (256)

Definition at line 34 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_MAX_ID   (NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES-1)

Definition at line 38 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES   500

Definition at line 36 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 49 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 350 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 331 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 45 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 44 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 46 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 47 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_TCP_EST_DEF   7200 /* 2Hrs */

Definition at line 279 of file nat64_defs.h.


Definition at line 342 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_TCP_TRANS_DEF   240 /* 4min */

Definition at line 278 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_TCP_V4_DEF   6 /* 6 sec */

Definition at line 280 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_TCP_V4_INIT_ENABLE   1

Definition at line 346 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_TIMEOUT_RST (   db)
if(PREDICT_TRUE(db->entry_expires !=0 )) \
db->entry_expires = cnat_current_time;
#define PREDICT_TRUE(x)
Definition: clib.h:98
u32 cnat_current_time
Definition: cnat_global.c:29

Definition at line 62 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_UDP_DEF   300 /* 5min */

Definition at line 277 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_UDP_ZERO_CHECKSUM_DROP   1 /* 1 -drop */

Definition at line 359 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_UNIDIR_REFRESH   0 /* 0 - default (only v6 side refresh timer)*/

Definition at line 353 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_0   0x0064FF9B

Definition at line 52 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_1   0x00000000

Definition at line 53 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_2   0x00000000

Definition at line 54 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_3   0x00000000

Definition at line 55 of file nat64_defs.h.

#define NAT64_WKP_PREFIX_LEN   96

Definition at line 51 of file nat64_defs.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct l4_frag_info l4_frag_info_t

Variable Documentation

u32 nat64_config_debug_level
u32 nat64_data_path_debug_level
u16* nat64_frag_id_counter_ptr
u32 nat64_in2out_forwarding_count[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_in2out_forwarding_count_old[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_in2out_forwarding_rate[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_out2in_forwarding_count[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_out2in_forwarding_count_old[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_out2in_forwarding_rate[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
nat64_table_entry_t* nat64_table_ptr
u32 nat64_translation_create_count[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_create_count_old[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_create_rate[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_delete_count[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_delete_count_old[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]
u32 nat64_translation_delete_rate[NAT64_MAX_NAT64_ENTRIES]