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Vector Packet Processing
lawful_intercept.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  li_main_t


typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct{ip4_header_t ip4;udp_header_t udp;}) ip4_udp_header_t


li_main_t li_main
vlib_node_registration_t li_hit_node
 (constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (li_hit_node) More...

Function Documentation

typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct{ip4_header_t ip4;udp_header_t udp;}  )

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
= {
.function = li_hit_node_fn,
.name = "li-hit",
.vector_size = sizeof (u32),
.format_trace = format_li_hit_trace,
.error_strings = li_hit_error_strings,
.n_next_nodes = LI_HIT_N_NEXT,
.next_nodes = {
[LI_HIT_NEXT_ETHERNET] = "ethernet-input-not-l2",
bad routing header type(not 4)") sr_error (NO_MORE_SEGMENTS
static char * li_hit_error_strings[]
Definition: node.c:57
#define ARRAY_LEN(x)
Definition: clib.h:59
unsigned int u32
Definition: types.h:88
static uword li_hit_node_fn(vlib_main_t *vm, vlib_node_runtime_t *node, vlib_frame_t *frame)
Definition: node.c:69
static u8 * format_li_hit_trace(u8 *s, va_list *args)
Definition: node.c:33

(constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (li_hit_node)

Definition at line 44 of file node.c.

li_main_t li_main

Definition at line 37 of file lawful_intercept.h.