FD.io VPP  v16.09
Vector Packet Processing
dpdk_config_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u8 ** eal_init_args
u8 no_multi_seg
u8 enable_tcp_udp_checksum
u8 coremask_set_manually
u8 nchannels_set_manually
u32 coremask
u32 nchannels
u32 num_mbufs
u8 num_kni
u8 interface_name_format_decimal
u8 use_virtio_vhost
u32 vhost_coalesce_frames
f64 vhost_coalesce_time
dpdk_device_config_t default_devconf

Detailed Description

Definition at line 334 of file dpdk.h.

Field Documentation

u32 dpdk_config_main_t::coremask

Definition at line 347 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::coremask_set_manually

Definition at line 345 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_device_config_t dpdk_config_main_t::default_devconf

Definition at line 366 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_device_config_t* dpdk_config_main_t::dev_confs

Definition at line 367 of file dpdk.h.

uword* dpdk_config_main_t::device_config_index_by_pci_addr

Definition at line 368 of file dpdk.h.

u8** dpdk_config_main_t::eal_init_args

Definition at line 338 of file dpdk.h.

u8* dpdk_config_main_t::eal_init_args_str

Definition at line 339 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::enable_tcp_udp_checksum

Definition at line 342 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::interface_name_format_decimal

Definition at line 356 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_config_main_t::nchannels

Definition at line 348 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::nchannels_set_manually

Definition at line 346 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::no_multi_seg

Definition at line 341 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::num_kni

Definition at line 350 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_config_main_t::num_mbufs

Definition at line 349 of file dpdk.h.

u8* dpdk_config_main_t::uio_driver_name

Definition at line 340 of file dpdk.h.

u8 dpdk_config_main_t::use_virtio_vhost

Definition at line 359 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_config_main_t::vhost_coalesce_frames

Definition at line 362 of file dpdk.h.

f64 dpdk_config_main_t::vhost_coalesce_time

Definition at line 363 of file dpdk.h.

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