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Vector Packet Processing
lisp_gpe_main Struct Reference

LISP-GPE global state. More...

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Public Member Functions

 BVT (clib_bihash) l2_fib
 L2 LISP FIB. More...
 BVT (clib_bihash) nsh_fib

Data Fields

 DB of all forwarding entries. More...
struct lisp_gpe_fwd_entry_t_lisp_fwd_entry_pool
 A Pool of all LISP forwarding entries. More...
 Free vlib hw_if_indices. More...
u8 is_en
tunnel_lookup_t l3_ifaces
tunnel_lookup_t l2_ifaces
dpo_id_t l2_lb_cp_lkup
 Load-balance for a miss in the table. More...
tunnel_lookup_t nsh_ifaces
const dpo_id_tnsh_cp_lkup
gpe_encap_mode_t encap_mode
vlib_combined_counter_main_t counters
 convenience More...

Detailed Description

LISP-GPE global state.

Definition at line 118 of file lisp_gpe.h.

Member Function Documentation

lisp_gpe_main::BVT ( clib_bihash  )


lisp_gpe_main::BVT ( clib_bihash  )

Field Documentation

vlib_combined_counter_main_t lisp_gpe_main::counters

Definition at line 164 of file lisp_gpe.h.

gpe_encap_mode_t lisp_gpe_main::encap_mode

Definition at line 160 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32* lisp_gpe_main::free_tunnel_hw_if_indices

Free vlib hw_if_indices.

Definition at line 132 of file lisp_gpe.h.

ip4_main_t* lisp_gpe_main::im4

Definition at line 169 of file lisp_gpe.h.

ip6_main_t* lisp_gpe_main::im6

Definition at line 170 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u8 lisp_gpe_main::is_en

Definition at line 134 of file lisp_gpe.h.

tunnel_lookup_t lisp_gpe_main::l2_ifaces

Definition at line 146 of file lisp_gpe.h.

dpo_id_t lisp_gpe_main::l2_lb_cp_lkup

Load-balance for a miss in the table.

Definition at line 149 of file lisp_gpe.h.

tunnel_lookup_t lisp_gpe_main::l3_ifaces

Definition at line 138 of file lisp_gpe.h.

struct lisp_gpe_fwd_entry_t_* lisp_gpe_main::lisp_fwd_entry_pool

A Pool of all LISP forwarding entries.

Definition at line 129 of file lisp_gpe.h.

uword* lisp_gpe_main::lisp_gpe_fwd_entries

DB of all forwarding entries.

The Key is:{l-EID,r-EID,vni} where the EID encodes L2 or L3

Definition at line 124 of file lisp_gpe.h.

uword* lisp_gpe_main::lisp_stats_index_by_key

Definition at line 163 of file lisp_gpe.h.

ip_lookup_main_t* lisp_gpe_main::lm4

Definition at line 171 of file lisp_gpe.h.

ip_lookup_main_t* lisp_gpe_main::lm6

Definition at line 172 of file lisp_gpe.h.

const dpo_id_t* lisp_gpe_main::nsh_cp_lkup

Definition at line 158 of file lisp_gpe.h.

tunnel_lookup_t lisp_gpe_main::nsh_ifaces

Definition at line 156 of file lisp_gpe.h.

lisp_stats_key_t* lisp_gpe_main::stats_key_pool

Definition at line 162 of file lisp_gpe.h.

vlib_main_t* lisp_gpe_main::vlib_main


Definition at line 167 of file lisp_gpe.h.

vnet_main_t* lisp_gpe_main::vnet_main

Definition at line 168 of file lisp_gpe.h.

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