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Vector Packet Processing
sr_packet.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  ip6_sr_header_t


#define IPPROTO_IPV6_ROUTE   43
#define IP6_SR_HEADER_FLAG_OAM   (0x20)
#define IP6_SR_HEADER_FLAG_ALERT   (0x10)
#define IP6_SR_HEADER_FLAG_HMAC   (0x80)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IP6_SR_HEADER_FLAG_ALERT   (0x10)

Definition at line 140 of file sr_packet.h.

#define IP6_SR_HEADER_FLAG_HMAC   (0x80)

Definition at line 141 of file sr_packet.h.

#define IP6_SR_HEADER_FLAG_OAM   (0x20)

Definition at line 139 of file sr_packet.h.


Definition at line 138 of file sr_packet.h.

#define IPPROTO_IPV6_ROUTE   43

Definition at line 113 of file sr_packet.h.


Definition at line 116 of file sr_packet.h.