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punt.h File Reference

Definitions for punt infrastructure. More...

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#define punt_error(n, s)   PUNT_ERROR_##n,


enum  punt_error_t { PUNT_N_ERROR }


clib_error_tvnet_punt_add_del (vlib_main_t *vm, u8 ipv, u8 protocol, u16 port, int is_add)
 Request IP traffic punt to the local TCP/IP stack. More...

Detailed Description

Definitions for punt infrastructure.

Definition in file punt.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define punt_error (   n,
)    PUNT_ERROR_##n,

Definition at line 25 of file punt.h.

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Definition at line 23 of file punt.h.

Function Documentation

clib_error_t* vnet_punt_add_del ( vlib_main_t vm,
u8  ipv,
u8  protocol,
u16  port,
int  is_add 

Request IP traffic punt to the local TCP/IP stack.


  • UDP is the only protocol supported in the current implementation
  • When requesting UDP punt port number(s) must be specified
  • All TCP traffic is currently punted to the host by default
vmvlib_main_t corresponding to the current thread
ipvIP protcol version. 4 - IPv4, 6 - IPv6, ~0 for both IPv6 and IPv4
protocol8-bits L4 protocol value Only value of 17 (UDP) is currently supported
port16-bits L4 (TCP/IP) port number when applicable
0 on success, non-zero value otherwise

Definition at line 219 of file punt.c.

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