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Vector Packet Processing
vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u8 is_src_dst
u8 is_add
u8 is_negative
 type of mapping More...
negative_fwd_actions_e action
 action for negative mappings More...
gid_address_t lcl_eid
 local eid More...
gid_address_t rmt_eid
 remote eid More...
 vector of locator pairs More...
u32 encap_fib_index
 FIB index to lookup remote locator at encap. More...
u32 decap_fib_index
 FIB index to lookup inner IP at decap. More...
u32 decap_next_index
u32 vni
 VNI/tenant id in HOST byte order. More...
union {
   u32   table_id
 table (vrf) id More...
   u32   bd_id
 bridge domain id More...
   u32   dp_table
 generic access More...
 vrf or bd where fwd entry should be inserted More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 222 of file lisp_gpe.h.

Field Documentation

union { ... }

vrf or bd where fwd entry should be inserted

negative_fwd_actions_e vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::action

action for negative mappings

Definition at line 232 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::bd_id

bridge domain id

Definition at line 262 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::decap_fib_index

FIB index to lookup inner IP at decap.

Definition at line 247 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::decap_next_index

Definition at line 250 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::dp_table

generic access

Definition at line 265 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::encap_fib_index

FIB index to lookup remote locator at encap.

Definition at line 244 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u8 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::is_add

Definition at line 226 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u8 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::is_negative

type of mapping

Definition at line 229 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u8 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::is_src_dst

Definition at line 224 of file lisp_gpe.h.

gid_address_t vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::lcl_eid

local eid

Definition at line 235 of file lisp_gpe.h.

locator_pair_t* vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::locator_pairs

vector of locator pairs

Definition at line 241 of file lisp_gpe.h.

gid_address_t vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::rmt_eid

remote eid

Definition at line 238 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::table_id

table (vrf) id

Definition at line 259 of file lisp_gpe.h.

u32 vnet_lisp_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_args_t::vni

VNI/tenant id in HOST byte order.

Definition at line 253 of file lisp_gpe.h.

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