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Vector Packet Processing
mc_stream_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

mc_stream_config_t config
mc_stream_state_t state
u32 index
u32 retry_head_index
u32 retry_tail_index
mc_stream_stats_t stats
mc_stream_stats_t stats_last_clear
mhash_t peer_index_by_id
f64 join_timeout
u32 our_local_sequence
u32 last_global_sequence_processed
u64 user_requests_sent
u64 user_requests_received

Detailed Description

Definition at line 403 of file mc.h.

Field Documentation

uword* mc_stream_t::all_peer_bitmap

Definition at line 441 of file mc.h.

u32* mc_stream_t::catchup_fifo

Definition at line 433 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_config_t mc_stream_t::config

Definition at line 405 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_stream_t::index

Definition at line 410 of file mc.h.

f64 mc_stream_t::join_timeout

Definition at line 447 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_stream_t::last_global_sequence_processed

Definition at line 461 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_stream_t::our_local_sequence

Definition at line 454 of file mc.h.

mhash_t mc_stream_t::peer_index_by_id

Definition at line 444 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_peer_t* mc_stream_t::peers

Definition at line 438 of file mc.h.

vlib_one_time_waiting_process_t* mc_stream_t::procs_waiting_for_join_done

Definition at line 449 of file mc.h.

vlib_one_time_waiting_process_t* mc_stream_t::procs_waiting_for_open_window

Definition at line 451 of file mc.h.

mc_retry_t* mc_stream_t::retired_fifo

Definition at line 426 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_stream_t::retry_head_index

Definition at line 418 of file mc.h.

uword* mc_stream_t::retry_index_by_local_sequence

Definition at line 429 of file mc.h.

mc_retry_t* mc_stream_t::retry_pool

Definition at line 415 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_stream_t::retry_tail_index

Definition at line 418 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_state_t mc_stream_t::state

Definition at line 407 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_stats_t mc_stream_t::stats

Definition at line 435 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_stats_t mc_stream_t::stats_last_clear

Definition at line 435 of file mc.h.

u32* mc_stream_t::stream_msg_index_by_global_index

Definition at line 467 of file mc.h.

uword* mc_stream_t::stream_msg_index_by_name

Definition at line 470 of file mc.h.

mc_serialize_stream_msg_t* mc_stream_t::stream_msgs

Definition at line 464 of file mc.h.

u64 mc_stream_t::user_requests_received

Definition at line 473 of file mc.h.

u64 mc_stream_t::user_requests_sent

Definition at line 472 of file mc.h.

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