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Vector Packet Processing
ip_init.c File Reference
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#define ip_protocol(n, s)
#define ip_port(s, n)   #s,
#define ip_port(s, n)   n,


clib_error_tip_main_init (vlib_main_t *vm)


ip_main_t ip_main

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ip_port (   s,
)    #s,
#define ip_port (   s,
)    n,
#define ip_protocol (   n,
do { \
vec_add2 (im->protocol_infos, pi, 1); \
pi->protocol = n; \
pi->name = (u8 *) #s; \
} while (0);
#define vec_add2(V, P, N)
Add N elements to end of vector V, return pointer to new elements in P.
Definition: vec.h:561
unsigned char u8
Definition: types.h:56

Function Documentation

clib_error_t* ip_main_init ( vlib_main_t vm)

Definition at line 45 of file ip_init.c.

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Variable Documentation

ip_main_t ip_main

Definition at line 42 of file ip_init.c.