FD.io VPP  v17.04.2-2-ga8f93f8
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t Struct Reference

Configure IP source and L4 port-range check. More...

Data Fields

u32 client_index
u32 context
u8 is_ipv6
u8 is_add
u8 mask_length
u8 address [16]
u8 number_of_ranges
u16 low_ports [32]
u16 high_ports [32]
u32 vrf_id

Detailed Description

Configure IP source and L4 port-range check.

Template Parameters
client_index- opaque cookie to identify the sender
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
is_ip6- 1 if source address type is IPv6
is_add- 1 if add, 0 if delete
mask_length- mask length for address entry
address- array of address bytes
number_of_ranges- length of low_port and high_port arrays (must match)
low_ports[32]- up to 32 low end of port range entries (must have corresponding high_ports entry)
high_ports[32]- up to 32 high end of port range entries (must have corresponding low_ports entry)
vrf_id- fib table/vrf id to associate the source and port-range check with
To specify a single port set low_port and high_port entry the same

Definition at line 1211 of file vpe.api.

Field Documentation

u8 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::address[16]

Definition at line 1218 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::client_index

Definition at line 1213 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::context

Definition at line 1214 of file vpe.api.

u16 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::high_ports[32]

Definition at line 1221 of file vpe.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::is_add

Definition at line 1216 of file vpe.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::is_ipv6

Definition at line 1215 of file vpe.api.

u16 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::low_ports[32]

Definition at line 1220 of file vpe.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::mask_length

Definition at line 1217 of file vpe.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::number_of_ranges

Definition at line 1219 of file vpe.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_source_and_port_range_check_add_del_t::vrf_id

Definition at line 1222 of file vpe.api.

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