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Vector Packet Processing
bfd_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

 pool of bfd sessions context data More...
timing_wheel_t wheel
 timing wheel for scheduling timeouts More...
u64 wheel_inaccuracy
 timing wheel inaccuracy, in clocks More...
 hashmap - bfd session by discriminator More...
u32 bfd_process_node_index
 background process node index More...
 convenience variables More...
f64 cpu_cps
 cpu clocks per second More...
u64 default_desired_min_tx_clocks
 default desired min tx in clocks More...
u64 min_required_min_rx_while_echo_clocks
 minimum required min rx while echo function is active - clocks More...
u32 random_seed
 for generating random numbers More...
 pool of authentication keys More...
 hashmap - index in pool auth_keys by conf_key_id More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 223 of file bfd_main.h.

Field Documentation

u32* bfd_main_t::auth_key_by_conf_key_id

hashmap - index in pool auth_keys by conf_key_id

Definition at line 260 of file bfd_main.h.

bfd_auth_key_t* bfd_main_t::auth_keys

pool of authentication keys

Definition at line 257 of file bfd_main.h.

u32 bfd_main_t::bfd_process_node_index

background process node index

Definition at line 238 of file bfd_main.h.

f64 bfd_main_t::cpu_cps

cpu clocks per second

Definition at line 245 of file bfd_main.h.

u64 bfd_main_t::default_desired_min_tx_clocks

default desired min tx in clocks

Definition at line 248 of file bfd_main.h.

u64 bfd_main_t::min_required_min_rx_while_echo_clocks

minimum required min rx while echo function is active - clocks

Definition at line 251 of file bfd_main.h.

u32 bfd_main_t::random_seed

for generating random numbers

Definition at line 254 of file bfd_main.h.

u32* bfd_main_t::session_by_disc

hashmap - bfd session by discriminator

Definition at line 235 of file bfd_main.h.

bfd_session_t* bfd_main_t::sessions

pool of bfd sessions context data

Definition at line 226 of file bfd_main.h.

vlib_main_t* bfd_main_t::vlib_main

convenience variables

Definition at line 241 of file bfd_main.h.

vnet_main_t* bfd_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 242 of file bfd_main.h.

timing_wheel_t bfd_main_t::wheel

timing wheel for scheduling timeouts

Definition at line 229 of file bfd_main.h.

u64 bfd_main_t::wheel_inaccuracy

timing wheel inaccuracy, in clocks

Definition at line 232 of file bfd_main.h.

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