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Vector Packet Processing
ip_adjacency_t_ Struct Reference

IP unicast adjacency. More...

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Public Member Functions

 vnet_declare_rewrite (VLIB_BUFFER_PRE_DATA_SIZE)

Data Fields

fib_node_t ia_node
 Linkage into the FIB node grpah. More...
ip_lookup_next_t lookup_next_index
 Next hop after ip4-lookup. More...
vnet_link_t ia_link
 link/ether-type 1 bytes More...
fib_protocol_t ia_nh_proto
 The protocol of the neighbor/peer. More...
adj_flags_t ia_flags
 Flags on the adjacency 1-bytes. More...
union {
   struct {
      ip46_address_t   next_hop
   }   nbr
   struct {
      ip46_address_t   next_hop
 The recursive next-hop. More...
      dpo_id_t   next_dpo
 The next DPO to use. More...
      adj_midchain_fixup_t   fixup_func
 A function to perform the post-rewrite fixup. More...
   }   midchain
   struct {
      ip46_address_t   receive_addr
   }   glean
struct adj_delegate_t_ia_delegates
 more control plane members that do not fit on the first cacheline More...

Detailed Description

IP unicast adjacency.

cache aligned.

An adjacency is a represenation of a peer on a particular link.

Definition at line 174 of file adj.h.

Member Function Documentation

ip_adjacency_t_::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline0  )
ip_adjacency_t_::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline1  )
ip_adjacency_t_::vnet_declare_rewrite ( VLIB_BUFFER_PRE_DATA_SIZE  )

Field Documentation

adj_midchain_fixup_t ip_adjacency_t_::fixup_func

A function to perform the post-rewrite fixup.

Definition at line 244 of file adj.h.

struct { ... } ip_adjacency_t_::glean


Glean the address to ARP for from the packet's destination. Technically these aren't adjacencies, i.e. they are not a representation of a peer. One day we might untangle this coupling and use a new Glean DPO.

struct adj_delegate_t_* ip_adjacency_t_::ia_delegates

more control plane members that do not fit on the first cacheline

A sorted vector of delegates

Definition at line 271 of file adj.h.

adj_flags_t ip_adjacency_t_::ia_flags

Flags on the adjacency 1-bytes.

Definition at line 208 of file adj.h.

vnet_link_t ip_adjacency_t_::ia_link

link/ether-type 1 bytes

Definition at line 195 of file adj.h.

fib_protocol_t ip_adjacency_t_::ia_nh_proto

The protocol of the neighbor/peer.

i.e. the protocol with which to interpret the 'next-hop' attirbutes of the sub-types. 1-btyes

Definition at line 202 of file adj.h.

fib_node_t ip_adjacency_t_::ia_node

Linkage into the FIB node grpah.

First member since this type has 8 byte alignment requirements.

Definition at line 182 of file adj.h.

ip_lookup_next_t ip_adjacency_t_::lookup_next_index

Next hop after ip4-lookup.

This is not accessed in the rewrite nodes. 1-bytes

Definition at line 189 of file adj.h.

struct { ... } ip_adjacency_t_::midchain


A nbr adj that is also recursive. Think tunnels. A nbr adj can transition to be of type MDICHAIN so be sure to leave the two structs with the next_hop fields aligned.

struct { ... } ip_adjacency_t_::nbr


neighbour adjacency sub-type;

dpo_id_t ip_adjacency_t_::next_dpo

The next DPO to use.

Definition at line 240 of file adj.h.

ip46_address_t ip_adjacency_t_::next_hop

The recursive next-hop.

This field MUST be at the same memory location as sub_type.nbr.next_hop

Definition at line 219 of file adj.h.

ip46_address_t ip_adjacency_t_::receive_addr

Definition at line 256 of file adj.h.

union { ... } ip_adjacency_t_::sub_type

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