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Vector Packet Processing
l2_rw.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  l2_rw_main_t


typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct _l2_rw_entry{u16 skip_n_vectors;u16 rewrite_n_vectors;u64 hit_count;u32x4 *mask;u32x4 *value;}) l2_rw_entry_t
typedef CLIB_PACKED (struct _l2_rw_config{u32 table_index;u32 miss_index;}) l2_rw_config_t
int l2_rw_interface_set_table (u32 sw_if_index, u32 table_index, u32 miss_index)
int l2_rw_mod_entry (u32 *index, u8 *mask, u8 *value, u32 len, u32 skip, u8 is_del)


l2_rw_main_t l2_rw_main

Function Documentation

typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct _l2_rw_entry{u16 skip_n_vectors;u16 rewrite_n_vectors;u64 hit_count;u32x4 *mask;u32x4 *value;}  )
typedef CLIB_PACKED ( struct _l2_rw_config{u32 table_index;u32 miss_index;}  )
int l2_rw_interface_set_table ( u32  sw_if_index,
u32  table_index,
u32  miss_index 

Definition at line 458 of file l2_rw.c.

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int l2_rw_mod_entry ( u32 index,
u8 mask,
u8 value,
u32  len,
u32  skip,
u8  is_del 

Definition at line 352 of file l2_rw.c.

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Variable Documentation

l2_rw_main_t l2_rw_main

Definition at line 29 of file l2_rw.c.