FD.io VPP  v18.04-17-g3a0d853
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_acl_rule_t Struct Reference

Access List Rule entry. More...

Data Fields

u8 is_permit
u8 is_ipv6
u8 src_ip_addr [16]
u8 src_ip_prefix_len
u8 dst_ip_addr [16]
u8 dst_ip_prefix_len
u8 proto
u16 srcport_or_icmptype_first
u16 srcport_or_icmptype_last
u16 dstport_or_icmpcode_first
u16 dstport_or_icmpcode_last
u8 tcp_flags_mask
u8 tcp_flags_value

Detailed Description

Access List Rule entry.

Template Parameters
is_permit- deny (0), permit (1), or permit+reflect(2) action on this rule.
is_ipv6- IP addresses in this rule are IPv6 (1) or IPv4 (0)
src_ip_addr- Source prefix value
src_ip_prefix_len- Source prefix length
dst_ip_addr- Destination prefix value
dst_ip_prefix_len- Destination prefix length
proto- L4 protocol (http://www.iana.org/assignments/protocol-numbers/protocol-numbers.xhtml)
srcport_or_icmptype_first- beginning of source port or ICMP4/6 type range
srcport_or_icmptype_last- end of source port or ICMP4/6 type range
dstport_or_icmpcode_first- beginning of destination port or ICMP4/6 code range
dstport_or_icmpcode_last- end of destination port or ICMP4/6 code range
tcp_flags_mask- if proto==6, match masked TCP flags with this value
tcp_flags_value- if proto==6, mask to AND the TCP flags in the packet with

Definition at line 88 of file acl.api.

Field Documentation

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::dst_ip_addr[16]

Definition at line 94 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::dst_ip_prefix_len

Definition at line 95 of file acl.api.

u16 vl_api_acl_rule_t::dstport_or_icmpcode_first

Definition at line 112 of file acl.api.

u16 vl_api_acl_rule_t::dstport_or_icmpcode_last

Definition at line 113 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::is_ipv6

Definition at line 91 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::is_permit

Definition at line 90 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::proto

Definition at line 100 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::src_ip_addr[16]

Definition at line 92 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::src_ip_prefix_len

Definition at line 93 of file acl.api.

u16 vl_api_acl_rule_t::srcport_or_icmptype_first

Definition at line 110 of file acl.api.

u16 vl_api_acl_rule_t::srcport_or_icmptype_last

Definition at line 111 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::tcp_flags_mask

Definition at line 119 of file acl.api.

u8 vl_api_acl_rule_t::tcp_flags_value

Definition at line 120 of file acl.api.

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