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Vector Packet Processing
fib_api.h File Reference
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int add_del_route_check (fib_protocol_t table_proto, u32 table_id, u32 next_hop_sw_if_index, dpo_proto_t next_hop_table_proto, u32 next_hop_table_id, u8 is_rpf_id, u32 *fib_index, u32 *next_hop_fib_index)
int add_del_route_t_handler (u8 is_multipath, u8 is_add, u8 is_drop, u8 is_unreach, u8 is_prohibit, u8 is_local, u8 is_multicast, u8 is_classify, u32 classify_table_index, u8 is_resolve_host, u8 is_resolve_attached, u8 is_interface_rx, u8 is_rpf_id, u8 is_dvr, u8 is_source_lookup, u8 is_udp_encap, u32 fib_index, const fib_prefix_t *prefix, dpo_proto_t next_hop_proto, const ip46_address_t *next_hop, u32 next_hop_id, u32 next_hop_sw_if_index, u8 next_hop_fib_index, u16 next_hop_weight, u16 next_hop_preference, mpls_label_t next_hop_via_label, fib_mpls_label_t *next_hop_out_label_stack)
void fib_api_path_encode (const fib_route_path_encode_t *api_rpath, struct _vl_api_fib_path *out)
void fib_prefix_to_api (const fib_prefix_t *pfx, u8 address[16], u8 *length, u8 *is_ip6)
int fib_path_api_parse (const struct _vl_api_fib_path *in, fib_route_path_t *out)

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int add_del_route_check ( fib_protocol_t  table_proto,
u32  table_id,
u32  next_hop_sw_if_index,
dpo_proto_t  next_hop_table_proto,
u32  next_hop_table_id,
u8  is_rpf_id,
u32 fib_index,
u32 next_hop_fib_index 

Definition at line 930 of file ip_api.c.

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int add_del_route_t_handler ( u8  is_multipath,
u8  is_add,
u8  is_drop,
u8  is_unreach,
u8  is_prohibit,
u8  is_local,
u8  is_multicast,
u8  is_classify,
u32  classify_table_index,
u8  is_resolve_host,
u8  is_resolve_attached,
u8  is_interface_rx,
u8  is_rpf_id,
u8  is_dvr,
u8  is_source_lookup,
u8  is_udp_encap,
u32  fib_index,
const fib_prefix_t prefix,
dpo_proto_t  next_hop_proto,
const ip46_address_t *  next_hop,
u32  next_hop_id,
u32  next_hop_sw_if_index,
u8  next_hop_fib_index,
u16  next_hop_weight,
u16  next_hop_preference,
mpls_label_t  next_hop_via_label,
fib_mpls_label_t next_hop_out_label_stack 

Definition at line 754 of file ip_api.c.

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void fib_api_path_encode ( const fib_route_path_encode_t api_rpath,
struct _vl_api_fib_path *  out 
int fib_path_api_parse ( const struct _vl_api_fib_path *  in,
fib_route_path_t out 
void fib_prefix_to_api ( const fib_prefix_t pfx,
u8  address[16],
u8 length,
u8 is_ip6 

Definition at line 162 of file fib_api.c.