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string.h File Reference
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#define clib_memcpy(a, b, c)   memcpy(a,b,c)


void clib_memswap (void *_a, void *_b, uword bytes)
static_always_inline void clib_memcpy64_x4 (void *d0, void *d1, void *d2, void *d3, void *s)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define clib_memcpy (   a,
)    memcpy(a,b,c)

Definition at line 75 of file string.h.

Function Documentation

static_always_inline void clib_memcpy64_x4 ( void *  d0,
void *  d1,
void *  d2,
void *  d3,
void *  s 

Definition at line 89 of file string.h.

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void clib_memswap ( void *  _a,
void *  _b,
uword  bytes 

Definition at line 43 of file string.c.

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