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Vector Packet Processing
ethernet_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

next_by_ethertype_t l3_next
u32 l2_next
u32 redirect_l3
u32 redirect_l3_next
int format_ethernet_address_16bit
u8 next_by_ethertype_register_called
u8 output_feature_arc_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 263 of file ethernet.h.

Field Documentation

uword* ethernet_main_t::bm_loopback_instances

Definition at line 305 of file ethernet.h.

int ethernet_main_t::format_ethernet_address_16bit

Definition at line 296 of file ethernet.h.

ethernet_interface_t* ethernet_main_t::interfaces

Definition at line 278 of file ethernet.h.

u32 ethernet_main_t::l2_next

Definition at line 271 of file ethernet.h.

next_by_ethertype_t ethernet_main_t::l3_next

Definition at line 268 of file ethernet.h.

main_intf_t* ethernet_main_t::main_intfs

Definition at line 287 of file ethernet.h.

u8 ethernet_main_t::next_by_ethertype_register_called

Definition at line 299 of file ethernet.h.

u8 ethernet_main_t::output_feature_arc_index

Definition at line 302 of file ethernet.h.

qinq_table_t* ethernet_main_t::qinq_pool

Definition at line 293 of file ethernet.h.

u32 ethernet_main_t::redirect_l3

Definition at line 274 of file ethernet.h.

u32 ethernet_main_t::redirect_l3_next

Definition at line 275 of file ethernet.h.

uword* ethernet_main_t::type_info_by_name

Definition at line 283 of file ethernet.h.

uword * ethernet_main_t::type_info_by_type

Definition at line 283 of file ethernet.h.

ethernet_type_info_t* ethernet_main_t::type_infos

Definition at line 280 of file ethernet.h.

vlan_table_t* ethernet_main_t::vlan_pool

Definition at line 290 of file ethernet.h.

vlib_main_t* ethernet_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 265 of file ethernet.h.

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