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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_node_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 name_elog_string
vlib_node_stats_t stats_total
vlib_node_stats_t stats_last_clear
vlib_node_type_t type
u32 index
u32 runtime_index
void * runtime_data
u16 flags
u8 state
u8 runtime_data_bytes
u16 n_errors
u16 scalar_size
u16 vector_size
u32 error_heap_handle
u32 error_heap_index
char ** error_strings
char ** next_node_names
char * sibling_of
u32 owner_node_index
u32 owner_next_index
u8 *(* validate_frame )(struct vlib_main_t *vm, struct vlib_node_runtime_t *, struct vlib_frame_t *f)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 215 of file node.h.

Field Documentation

u32 vlib_node_t::error_heap_handle

Definition at line 277 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_t::error_heap_index

Definition at line 278 of file node.h.

char** vlib_node_t::error_strings

Definition at line 281 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_t::flags

Definition at line 246 of file node.h.

format_function_t* vlib_node_t::format_buffer

Definition at line 311 of file node.h.

format_function_t* vlib_node_t::format_trace

Definition at line 315 of file node.h.

vlib_node_function_t* vlib_node_t::function

Definition at line 218 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_t::index

Definition at line 237 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_t::n_errors

Definition at line 271 of file node.h.

u64* vlib_node_t::n_vectors_by_next_node

Definition at line 297 of file node.h.

u8* vlib_node_t::name

Definition at line 221 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_t::name_elog_string

Definition at line 224 of file node.h.

char** vlib_node_t::next_node_names

Definition at line 285 of file node.h.

u32* vlib_node_t::next_nodes

Definition at line 288 of file node.h.

uword* vlib_node_t::next_slot_by_node

Definition at line 302 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_t::owner_next_index

Definition at line 308 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_t::owner_node_index

Definition at line 308 of file node.h.

uword* vlib_node_t::prev_node_bitmap

Definition at line 305 of file node.h.

void* vlib_node_t::runtime_data

Definition at line 243 of file node.h.

u8 vlib_node_t::runtime_data_bytes

Definition at line 268 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_node_t::runtime_index

Definition at line 240 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_t::scalar_size

Definition at line 274 of file node.h.

uword* vlib_node_t::sibling_bitmap

Definition at line 294 of file node.h.

char* vlib_node_t::sibling_of

Definition at line 291 of file node.h.

u8 vlib_node_t::state

Definition at line 265 of file node.h.

u8* vlib_node_t::state_string

Definition at line 322 of file node.h.

vlib_node_stats_t vlib_node_t::stats_last_clear

Definition at line 231 of file node.h.

vlib_node_stats_t vlib_node_t::stats_total

Definition at line 227 of file node.h.

vlib_node_type_t vlib_node_t::type

Definition at line 234 of file node.h.

unformat_function_t* vlib_node_t::unformat_buffer

Definition at line 312 of file node.h.

u8*(* vlib_node_t::validate_frame) (struct vlib_main_t *vm, struct vlib_node_runtime_t *, struct vlib_frame_t *f)

Definition at line 318 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_node_t::vector_size

Definition at line 274 of file node.h.

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