FD.io VPP  v18.04-17-g3a0d853
Vector Packet Processing
macip_match_type_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

u8 is_ipv6
u8 has_egress
u8 mac_mask [6]
u8 prefix_len
u32 count
u32 table_index
u32 arp_table_index
u32 dot1q_table_index
u32 dot1ad_table_index
u32 arp_dot1q_table_index
u32 arp_dot1ad_table_index
u32 out_table_index
u32 out_arp_table_index
u32 out_dot1q_table_index
u32 out_dot1ad_table_index
u32 out_arp_dot1q_table_index
u32 out_arp_dot1ad_table_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1485 of file acl.c.

Field Documentation

u32 macip_match_type_t::arp_dot1ad_table_index

Definition at line 1497 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::arp_dot1q_table_index

Definition at line 1496 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::arp_table_index

Definition at line 1493 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::count

Definition at line 1491 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::dot1ad_table_index

Definition at line 1495 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::dot1q_table_index

Definition at line 1494 of file acl.c.

u8 macip_match_type_t::has_egress

Definition at line 1488 of file acl.c.

u8 macip_match_type_t::is_ipv6

Definition at line 1487 of file acl.c.

u8 macip_match_type_t::mac_mask[6]

Definition at line 1489 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::out_arp_dot1ad_table_index

Definition at line 1504 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::out_arp_dot1q_table_index

Definition at line 1503 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::out_arp_table_index

Definition at line 1500 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::out_dot1ad_table_index

Definition at line 1502 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::out_dot1q_table_index

Definition at line 1501 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::out_table_index

Definition at line 1499 of file acl.c.

u8 macip_match_type_t::prefix_len

Definition at line 1490 of file acl.c.

u32 macip_match_type_t::table_index

Definition at line 1492 of file acl.c.

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