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Vector Packet Processing
ip_types.api File Reference

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Data Structures

union  address_union


typedef u8 ip4_address[4]
typedef u8 ip6_address[16]


enum  address_family { ADDRESS_IP4 = 0, ADDRESS_IP6 }


typedef address
vl_api_address_union_t un
typedef prefix
u8 address_length
typedef mprefix
u16 grp_address_length
vl_api_address_union_t grp_address
vl_api_address_union_t src_address
typedef ip6_prefix
u8 len
typedef ip4_prefix

Typedef Documentation

◆ ip4_address

typedef u8 ip4_address[4]

Definition at line 17 of file ip_types.api.

◆ ip6_address

typedef u8 ip6_address[16]

Definition at line 18 of file ip_types.api.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ address_family


Definition at line 20 of file ip_types.api.

Variable Documentation

◆ address

typedef address
Initial value:
vl_api_address_family_t af

Definition at line 30 of file ip_types.api.

◆ address_length

u8 address_length

Definition at line 37 of file ip_types.api.

◆ grp_address

vl_api_address_union_t grp_address

Definition at line 43 of file ip_types.api.

◆ grp_address_length

u16 grp_address_length

Definition at line 42 of file ip_types.api.

◆ ip4_prefix

typedef ip4_prefix
Initial value:
u8 vl_api_ip4_address_t[4]
Definition: ip_types_api.h:31
typedef prefix
Definition: ip_types.api:35

Definition at line 52 of file ip_types.api.

◆ ip6_prefix

typedef ip6_prefix
Initial value:
u8 vl_api_ip6_address_t[16]
Conversion functions to/from (decode/encode) API types to VPP internal types.
Definition: ip_types_api.h:30
typedef prefix
Definition: ip_types.api:35

Definition at line 47 of file ip_types.api.

◆ len

u8 len

Definition at line 49 of file ip_types.api.

◆ mprefix

typedef mprefix
Initial value:
vl_api_address_family_t af

Definition at line 40 of file ip_types.api.

◆ prefix

typedef prefix
Initial value:
vl_api_address_t address
typedef address
Definition: ip_types.api:30

Definition at line 35 of file ip_types.api.

◆ src_address

vl_api_address_union_t src_address

Definition at line 44 of file ip_types.api.

◆ un

vl_api_address_union_t un

Definition at line 32 of file ip_types.api.