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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_thread_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlib_thread_registration_t ** registrations
int use_pthreads
u32 n_vlib_mains
u32 n_thread_stacks
u32 n_pthreads
u32 n_threads
u32 skip_cores
u32 main_lcore
volatile u32 worker_thread_release
u32 sched_policy
u32 sched_priority
vlib_thread_callbacks_t cb
int extern_thread_mgmt

Detailed Description

Definition at line 280 of file threads.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cb

vlib_thread_callbacks_t vlib_thread_main_t::cb

Definition at line 338 of file threads.h.

◆ cpu_core_bitmap

uword* vlib_thread_main_t::cpu_core_bitmap

Definition at line 320 of file threads.h.

◆ cpu_socket_bitmap

uword* vlib_thread_main_t::cpu_socket_bitmap

Definition at line 323 of file threads.h.

◆ extern_thread_mgmt

int vlib_thread_main_t::extern_thread_mgmt

Definition at line 339 of file threads.h.

◆ frame_queue_mains

vlib_frame_queue_main_t* vlib_thread_main_t::frame_queue_mains

Definition at line 326 of file threads.h.

◆ main_lcore

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::main_lcore

Definition at line 317 of file threads.h.

◆ n_pthreads

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::n_pthreads

Definition at line 305 of file threads.h.

◆ n_thread_stacks

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::n_thread_stacks

Definition at line 302 of file threads.h.

◆ n_threads

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::n_threads

Definition at line 308 of file threads.h.

◆ n_vlib_mains

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::n_vlib_mains

Definition at line 299 of file threads.h.

◆ next

vlib_thread_registration_t* vlib_thread_main_t::next

Definition at line 283 of file threads.h.

◆ registrations

vlib_thread_registration_t** vlib_thread_main_t::registrations

Definition at line 286 of file threads.h.

◆ sched_policy

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::sched_policy

Definition at line 332 of file threads.h.

◆ sched_priority

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::sched_priority

Definition at line 335 of file threads.h.

◆ skip_cores

u32 vlib_thread_main_t::skip_cores

Definition at line 311 of file threads.h.

◆ thread_prefix

u8* vlib_thread_main_t::thread_prefix

Definition at line 314 of file threads.h.

◆ thread_registrations_by_name

uword* vlib_thread_main_t::thread_registrations_by_name

Definition at line 288 of file threads.h.

◆ use_pthreads

int vlib_thread_main_t::use_pthreads

Definition at line 296 of file threads.h.

◆ worker_thread_release

volatile u32 vlib_thread_main_t::worker_thread_release

Definition at line 329 of file threads.h.

◆ worker_threads

vlib_worker_thread_t* vlib_thread_main_t::worker_threads

Definition at line 290 of file threads.h.

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