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Vector Packet Processing
unix_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 flags
clib_socket_t cli_listen_socket
unix_error_history_t error_history [128]
u32 error_history_index
u64 n_total_errors
volatile int unix_config_complete
int log_fd
int cli_line_mode
u32 cli_history_limit
int cli_no_banner
u32 cli_pager_buffer_limit
int cli_no_pager
struct termios tio_stdin
int tio_isset
u32 poll_sleep_usec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file unix.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cli_history_limit

u32 unix_main_t::cli_history_limit

Definition at line 91 of file unix.h.

◆ cli_line_mode

int unix_main_t::cli_line_mode

Definition at line 88 of file unix.h.

◆ cli_listen_socket

clib_socket_t unix_main_t::cli_listen_socket

Definition at line 64 of file unix.h.

◆ cli_no_banner

int unix_main_t::cli_no_banner

Definition at line 94 of file unix.h.

◆ cli_no_pager

int unix_main_t::cli_no_pager

Definition at line 100 of file unix.h.

◆ cli_pager_buffer_limit

u32 unix_main_t::cli_pager_buffer_limit

Definition at line 97 of file unix.h.

◆ error_history

unix_error_history_t unix_main_t::error_history[128]

Definition at line 67 of file unix.h.

◆ error_history_index

u32 unix_main_t::error_history_index

Definition at line 68 of file unix.h.

◆ flags

u32 unix_main_t::flags

Definition at line 58 of file unix.h.

◆ log_fd

int unix_main_t::log_fd

Definition at line 85 of file unix.h.

◆ log_filename

u8* unix_main_t::log_filename

Definition at line 84 of file unix.h.

◆ n_total_errors

u64 unix_main_t::n_total_errors

Definition at line 69 of file unix.h.

◆ pidfile

u8* unix_main_t::pidfile

Definition at line 78 of file unix.h.

◆ poll_sleep_usec

u32 unix_main_t::poll_sleep_usec

Definition at line 106 of file unix.h.

◆ runtime_dir

u8* unix_main_t::runtime_dir

Definition at line 75 of file unix.h.

◆ startup_config_filename

u8* unix_main_t::startup_config_filename

Definition at line 72 of file unix.h.

◆ tio_isset

int unix_main_t::tio_isset

Definition at line 104 of file unix.h.

◆ tio_stdin

struct termios unix_main_t::tio_stdin

Definition at line 103 of file unix.h.

◆ unix_config_complete

volatile int unix_main_t::unix_config_complete

Definition at line 81 of file unix.h.

◆ vlib_main

vlib_main_t* unix_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 56 of file unix.h.

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