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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_main_t Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions


Data Fields

clib_time_t clib_time
f64 time_offset
f64 time_last_barrier_release
u64 cpu_time_last_node_dispatch
u64 cpu_time_main_loop_start
volatile u32 main_loop_count
u32 main_loop_vectors_processed
u32 main_loop_nodes_processed
u64 internal_node_vectors
u64 internal_node_calls
u64 internal_node_vectors_last_clear
u64 internal_node_calls_last_clear
u32 internal_node_last_vectors_per_main_loop
void(** vlib_node_runtime_perf_counter_cbs )(struct vlib_main_t *, u64 *, u64 *, vlib_node_runtime_t *, vlib_frame_t *, int)
void(** vlib_node_runtime_perf_counter_cb_tmp )(struct vlib_main_t *, u64 *, u64 *, vlib_node_runtime_t *, vlib_frame_t *, int)
u32 main_loop_exit_set
volatile u32 main_loop_exit_now
clib_longjmp_t main_loop_exit
char * name
void * heap_base
void * heap_aligned_base
uword heap_size
vlib_physmem_main_t physmem_main
vlib_node_main_t node_main
vlib_cli_main_t cli_main
vlib_trace_main_t trace_main
pcap_main_t dispatch_pcap_main
uword dispatch_pcap_enable
vnet_pcap_t pcap
vlib_trace_filter_t trace_filter
vlib_error_main_t error_main
void(* os_punt_frame )(struct vlib_main_t *vm, struct vlib_node_runtime_t *node, vlib_frame_t *frame)
u32 mc_stream_index
elog_main_t elog_main
int elog_trace_api_messages
int elog_trace_cli_commands
int elog_trace_graph_dispatch
int elog_trace_graph_circuit
u32 elog_trace_graph_circuit_node_index
uword random_seed
clib_random_buffer_t random_buffer
u32 thread_index
u32 cpu_id
u32 numa_node
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * init_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * worker_init_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * main_loop_enter_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * main_loop_exit_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * api_init_function_registrations
volatile u32 queue_signal_pending
volatile u32 api_queue_nonempty
void(* queue_signal_callback )(struct vlib_main_t *)
u8 ** argv
void(**volatile worker_thread_main_loop_callbacks )(struct vlib_main_t *)
void(**volatile worker_thread_main_loop_callback_tmp )(struct vlib_main_t *)
clib_spinlock_t worker_thread_main_loop_callback_lock
volatile int parked_at_barrier
int elog_post_mortem_dump
int need_vlib_worker_thread_node_runtime_update
f64 barrier_epoch
f64 barrier_no_close_before
volatile uword check_frame_queues
clib_spinlock_t pending_rpc_lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file main.h.

Member Function Documentation


vlib_main_t::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline0  )

Field Documentation

◆ api_init_function_registrations

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::api_init_function_registrations

Definition at line 227 of file main.h.

◆ api_queue_nonempty

volatile u32 vlib_main_t::api_queue_nonempty

Definition at line 232 of file main.h.

◆ argv

u8** vlib_main_t::argv

Definition at line 234 of file main.h.

◆ barrier_epoch

f64 vlib_main_t::barrier_epoch

Definition at line 258 of file main.h.

◆ barrier_no_close_before

f64 vlib_main_t::barrier_no_close_before

Definition at line 261 of file main.h.

◆ buffer_main

vlib_buffer_main_t* vlib_main_t::buffer_main

Definition at line 152 of file main.h.

◆ check_frame_queues

volatile uword vlib_main_t::check_frame_queues

Definition at line 264 of file main.h.

◆ cli_main

vlib_cli_main_t vlib_main_t::cli_main

Definition at line 161 of file main.h.

◆ clib_time

clib_time_t vlib_main_t::clib_time

Definition at line 87 of file main.h.

◆ config_function_registrations

vlib_config_function_runtime_t* vlib_main_t::config_function_registrations

Definition at line 228 of file main.h.

◆ cpu_id

u32 vlib_main_t::cpu_id

Definition at line 219 of file main.h.

◆ cpu_time_last_node_dispatch

u64 vlib_main_t::cpu_time_last_node_dispatch

Definition at line 93 of file main.h.

◆ cpu_time_main_loop_start

u64 vlib_main_t::cpu_time_main_loop_start

Definition at line 96 of file main.h.

◆ dispatch_buffer_trace_nodes

u32* vlib_main_t::dispatch_buffer_trace_nodes

Definition at line 169 of file main.h.

◆ dispatch_pcap_enable

uword vlib_main_t::dispatch_pcap_enable

Definition at line 168 of file main.h.

◆ dispatch_pcap_main

pcap_main_t vlib_main_t::dispatch_pcap_main

Definition at line 167 of file main.h.

◆ elog_main

elog_main_t vlib_main_t::elog_main

Definition at line 193 of file main.h.

◆ elog_post_mortem_dump

int vlib_main_t::elog_post_mortem_dump

Definition at line 246 of file main.h.

◆ elog_trace_api_messages

int vlib_main_t::elog_trace_api_messages

Definition at line 196 of file main.h.

◆ elog_trace_cli_commands

int vlib_main_t::elog_trace_cli_commands

Definition at line 197 of file main.h.

◆ elog_trace_graph_circuit

int vlib_main_t::elog_trace_graph_circuit

Definition at line 199 of file main.h.

◆ elog_trace_graph_circuit_node_index

u32 vlib_main_t::elog_trace_graph_circuit_node_index

Definition at line 200 of file main.h.

◆ elog_trace_graph_dispatch

int vlib_main_t::elog_trace_graph_dispatch

Definition at line 198 of file main.h.

◆ error_elog_event_types

elog_event_type_t* vlib_main_t::error_elog_event_types

Definition at line 206 of file main.h.

◆ error_main

vlib_error_main_t vlib_main_t::error_main

Definition at line 179 of file main.h.

◆ heap_aligned_base

void* vlib_main_t::heap_aligned_base

Definition at line 146 of file main.h.

◆ heap_base

void* vlib_main_t::heap_base

Definition at line 143 of file main.h.

◆ heap_size

uword vlib_main_t::heap_size

Definition at line 149 of file main.h.

◆ init_function_registrations

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::init_function_registrations

Definition at line 223 of file main.h.

◆ init_functions_called

uword* vlib_main_t::init_functions_called

Definition at line 215 of file main.h.

◆ internal_node_calls

u64 vlib_main_t::internal_node_calls

Definition at line 107 of file main.h.

◆ internal_node_calls_last_clear

u64 vlib_main_t::internal_node_calls_last_clear

Definition at line 109 of file main.h.

◆ internal_node_last_vectors_per_main_loop

u32 vlib_main_t::internal_node_last_vectors_per_main_loop

Definition at line 112 of file main.h.

◆ internal_node_vectors

u64 vlib_main_t::internal_node_vectors

Definition at line 106 of file main.h.

◆ internal_node_vectors_last_clear

u64 vlib_main_t::internal_node_vectors_last_clear

Definition at line 108 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_count

volatile u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_count

Definition at line 99 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_enter_function_registrations

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::main_loop_enter_function_registrations

Definition at line 225 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_error

clib_error_t* vlib_main_t::main_loop_error

Definition at line 137 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_exit

clib_longjmp_t vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit

Definition at line 130 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_exit_function_registrations

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit_function_registrations

Definition at line 226 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_exit_now

volatile u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit_now

Definition at line 129 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_exit_set

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit_set

Definition at line 127 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_nodes_processed

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_nodes_processed

Definition at line 103 of file main.h.

◆ main_loop_vectors_processed

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_vectors_processed

Definition at line 102 of file main.h.

◆ mc_stream_index

u32 vlib_main_t::mc_stream_index

Definition at line 188 of file main.h.

◆ name

char* vlib_main_t::name

Definition at line 140 of file main.h.

◆ need_vlib_worker_thread_node_runtime_update

int vlib_main_t::need_vlib_worker_thread_node_runtime_update

Definition at line 252 of file main.h.

◆ node_call_elog_event_types

elog_event_type_t* vlib_main_t::node_call_elog_event_types

Definition at line 203 of file main.h.

◆ node_main

vlib_node_main_t vlib_main_t::node_main

Definition at line 158 of file main.h.

◆ node_return_elog_event_types

elog_event_type_t* vlib_main_t::node_return_elog_event_types

Definition at line 204 of file main.h.

◆ numa_node

u32 vlib_main_t::numa_node

Definition at line 220 of file main.h.

◆ os_punt_frame

void(* vlib_main_t::os_punt_frame) (struct vlib_main_t *vm, struct vlib_node_runtime_t *node, vlib_frame_t *frame)

Definition at line 183 of file main.h.

◆ parked_at_barrier

volatile int vlib_main_t::parked_at_barrier

Definition at line 243 of file main.h.

◆ pcap

vnet_pcap_t vlib_main_t::pcap

Definition at line 173 of file main.h.

◆ pcap_buffer

u8* vlib_main_t::pcap_buffer

Definition at line 170 of file main.h.

◆ pending_rpc_lock

clib_spinlock_t vlib_main_t::pending_rpc_lock

Definition at line 269 of file main.h.

◆ pending_rpc_requests

uword* vlib_main_t::pending_rpc_requests

Definition at line 267 of file main.h.

◆ physmem_main

vlib_physmem_main_t vlib_main_t::physmem_main

Definition at line 155 of file main.h.

◆ processing_rpc_requests

uword* vlib_main_t::processing_rpc_requests

Definition at line 268 of file main.h.

◆ procs_waiting_for_mc_stream_join

vlib_one_time_waiting_process_t* vlib_main_t::procs_waiting_for_mc_stream_join

Definition at line 190 of file main.h.

◆ queue_signal_callback

void(* vlib_main_t::queue_signal_callback) (struct vlib_main_t *)

Definition at line 233 of file main.h.

◆ queue_signal_pending

volatile u32 vlib_main_t::queue_signal_pending

Definition at line 231 of file main.h.

◆ random_buffer

clib_random_buffer_t vlib_main_t::random_buffer

Definition at line 212 of file main.h.

◆ random_seed

uword vlib_main_t::random_seed

Definition at line 209 of file main.h.

◆ thread_index

u32 vlib_main_t::thread_index

Definition at line 218 of file main.h.

◆ time_last_barrier_release

f64 vlib_main_t::time_last_barrier_release

Definition at line 90 of file main.h.

◆ time_offset

f64 vlib_main_t::time_offset

Definition at line 89 of file main.h.

◆ trace_filter

vlib_trace_filter_t vlib_main_t::trace_filter

Definition at line 176 of file main.h.

◆ trace_main

vlib_trace_main_t vlib_main_t::trace_main

Definition at line 164 of file main.h.

◆ vlib_node_runtime_perf_counter_cb_tmp

void(** vlib_main_t::vlib_node_runtime_perf_counter_cb_tmp) (struct vlib_main_t *, u64 *, u64 *, vlib_node_runtime_t *, vlib_frame_t *, int)

Definition at line 119 of file main.h.

◆ vlib_node_runtime_perf_counter_cbs

void(** vlib_main_t::vlib_node_runtime_perf_counter_cbs) (struct vlib_main_t *, u64 *, u64 *, vlib_node_runtime_t *, vlib_frame_t *, int)

Definition at line 115 of file main.h.

◆ worker_init_function_registrations

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::worker_init_function_registrations

Definition at line 224 of file main.h.

◆ worker_thread_main_loop_callback_lock

clib_spinlock_t vlib_main_t::worker_thread_main_loop_callback_lock

Definition at line 240 of file main.h.

◆ worker_thread_main_loop_callback_tmp

void(**volatile vlib_main_t::worker_thread_main_loop_callback_tmp) (struct vlib_main_t *)

Definition at line 239 of file main.h.

◆ worker_thread_main_loop_callbacks

void(**volatile vlib_main_t::worker_thread_main_loop_callbacks) (struct vlib_main_t *)

Definition at line 237 of file main.h.

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