FD.io VPP  v21.01.1
Vector Packet Processing
flow Union Reference

Data Fields

vl_api_flow_ethernet_t ethernet
vl_api_flow_ip4_t ip4
vl_api_flow_ip6_t ip6
vl_api_flow_ip4_l2tpv3oip_t ip4_l2tpv3oip
vl_api_flow_ip4_ipsec_esp_t ip4_ipsec_esp
vl_api_flow_ip4_ipsec_ah_t ip4_ipsec_ah
vl_api_flow_ip4_n_tuple_t ip4_n_tuple
vl_api_flow_ip6_n_tuple_t ip6_n_tuple
vl_api_flow_ip4_n_tuple_tagged_t ip4_n_tuple_tagged
vl_api_flow_ip6_n_tuple_tagged_t ip6_n_tuple_tagged
vl_api_flow_ip4_vxlan_t ip4_vxlan
vl_api_flow_ip6_vxlan_t ip6_vxlan
vl_api_flow_ip4_gtpc_t ip4_gtpc
vl_api_flow_ip4_gtpu_t ip4_gtpu

Detailed Description

Definition at line 196 of file flow_types.api.

Field Documentation

◆ ethernet

vl_api_flow_ethernet_t flow::ethernet

Definition at line 198 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4

vl_api_flow_ip4_t flow::ip4

Definition at line 199 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_gtpc

vl_api_flow_ip4_gtpc_t flow::ip4_gtpc

Definition at line 210 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_gtpu

vl_api_flow_ip4_gtpu_t flow::ip4_gtpu

Definition at line 211 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_ipsec_ah

vl_api_flow_ip4_ipsec_ah_t flow::ip4_ipsec_ah

Definition at line 203 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_ipsec_esp

vl_api_flow_ip4_ipsec_esp_t flow::ip4_ipsec_esp

Definition at line 202 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_l2tpv3oip

vl_api_flow_ip4_l2tpv3oip_t flow::ip4_l2tpv3oip

Definition at line 201 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_n_tuple

vl_api_flow_ip4_n_tuple_t flow::ip4_n_tuple

Definition at line 204 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_n_tuple_tagged

vl_api_flow_ip4_n_tuple_tagged_t flow::ip4_n_tuple_tagged

Definition at line 206 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip4_vxlan

vl_api_flow_ip4_vxlan_t flow::ip4_vxlan

Definition at line 208 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip6

vl_api_flow_ip6_t flow::ip6

Definition at line 200 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip6_n_tuple

vl_api_flow_ip6_n_tuple_t flow::ip6_n_tuple

Definition at line 205 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip6_n_tuple_tagged

vl_api_flow_ip6_n_tuple_tagged_t flow::ip6_n_tuple_tagged

Definition at line 207 of file flow_types.api.

◆ ip6_vxlan

vl_api_flow_ip6_vxlan_t flow::ip6_vxlan

Definition at line 209 of file flow_types.api.

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