FD.io VPP  v21.01.1
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_map_domain_details_t Struct Reference

Details about a single MAP domain. More...

Data Fields

u32 context
u32 domain_index
vl_api_ip6_prefix_t ip6_prefix
vl_api_ip4_prefix_t ip4_prefix
vl_api_ip6_prefix_t ip6_src
u8 ea_bits_len
u8 psid_offset
u8 psid_length
u8 flags
u16 mtu
string tag [64]

Detailed Description

Details about a single MAP domain.

Template Parameters
context- returned sender context, to match reply w/ request
domain_index- MAP domain index
ip6_prefix- Rule IPv6 prefix
ip4_prefix- Rule IPv4 prefix
ip6_src- MAP domain IPv6 BR address / Tunnel source
ea_bits_len- Embedded Address bits length
psid_offset- Port Set Identifier (PSID) offset
psid_length- PSID length
mtu- MTU
tag- The user field stored with the MAP at creation time

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Field Documentation

◆ context

u32 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::context

Definition at line 135 of file map.api.

◆ domain_index

u32 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::domain_index

Definition at line 136 of file map.api.

◆ ea_bits_len

u8 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::ea_bits_len

Definition at line 140 of file map.api.

◆ flags

u8 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::flags

Definition at line 143 of file map.api.

◆ ip4_prefix

vl_api_ip4_prefix_t vl_api_map_domain_details_t::ip4_prefix

Definition at line 138 of file map.api.

◆ ip6_prefix

vl_api_ip6_prefix_t vl_api_map_domain_details_t::ip6_prefix

Definition at line 137 of file map.api.

◆ ip6_src

vl_api_ip6_prefix_t vl_api_map_domain_details_t::ip6_src

Definition at line 139 of file map.api.

◆ mtu

u16 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::mtu

Definition at line 144 of file map.api.

◆ psid_length

u8 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::psid_length

Definition at line 142 of file map.api.

◆ psid_offset

u8 vl_api_map_domain_details_t::psid_offset

Definition at line 141 of file map.api.

◆ tag

string vl_api_map_domain_details_t::tag[64]

Definition at line 145 of file map.api.

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