FD.io VPP  v21.01.1
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t Struct Reference

Reply for map_param_get request. More...

Data Fields

u32 context
i32 retval
u8 frag_inner
u8 frag_ignore_df
vl_api_ip4_address_t icmp_ip4_err_relay_src
bool icmp6_enable_unreachable
vl_api_ip4_address_t ip4_nh_address
vl_api_ip6_address_t ip6_nh_address
u16 ip4_lifetime_ms
u16 ip4_pool_size
u32 ip4_buffers
f64 ip4_ht_ratio
bool sec_check_enable
bool sec_check_fragments
bool tc_copy
u8 tc_class

Detailed Description

Reply for map_param_get request.

Template Parameters
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
retval- return code for request
inner- 1=frag inner packet, 0=frag tunnel packets, ~0=untouched
ignore_df- 1=IP4 fragm despite DF bit, 0=honor DF, ~0=untouched
icmp_ip4_err_relay_src- IPv4 ICMP err relay src address
icmp6_enable_unreachable- 1 = send ICMP unreachable err msgs
ip4_nh_address- direct IP4 next-hop address
ip6_nh_address- direct IP6 next-hop address
sec_check_enable- 1=enable security check on first inbound packet
sec_check_fragments- 1=enable check on (subsequent) fragments too
tc_copy- 1 = copy packet class/TOS field, 0 = use class instead
tc_class- class field value when copy == 0

Definition at line 333 of file map.api.

Field Documentation

◆ context

u32 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::context

Definition at line 335 of file map.api.

◆ frag_ignore_df

u8 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::frag_ignore_df

Definition at line 338 of file map.api.

◆ frag_inner

u8 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::frag_inner

Definition at line 337 of file map.api.

◆ icmp6_enable_unreachable

bool vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::icmp6_enable_unreachable

Definition at line 340 of file map.api.

◆ icmp_ip4_err_relay_src

vl_api_ip4_address_t vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::icmp_ip4_err_relay_src

Definition at line 339 of file map.api.

◆ ip4_buffers

u32 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::ip4_buffers

Definition at line 345 of file map.api.

◆ ip4_ht_ratio

f64 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::ip4_ht_ratio

Definition at line 346 of file map.api.

◆ ip4_lifetime_ms

u16 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::ip4_lifetime_ms

Definition at line 343 of file map.api.

◆ ip4_nh_address

vl_api_ip4_address_t vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::ip4_nh_address

Definition at line 341 of file map.api.

◆ ip4_pool_size

u16 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::ip4_pool_size

Definition at line 344 of file map.api.

◆ ip6_nh_address

vl_api_ip6_address_t vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::ip6_nh_address

Definition at line 342 of file map.api.

◆ retval

i32 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::retval

Definition at line 336 of file map.api.

◆ sec_check_enable

bool vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::sec_check_enable

Definition at line 347 of file map.api.

◆ sec_check_fragments

bool vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::sec_check_fragments

Definition at line 348 of file map.api.

◆ tc_class

u8 vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::tc_class

Definition at line 350 of file map.api.

◆ tc_copy

bool vl_api_map_param_get_reply_t::tc_copy

Definition at line 349 of file map.api.

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