FD.io VPP  v21.01.1
Vector Packet Processing
vmxnet3.api File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  vl_api_vmxnet3_create_t
struct  vl_api_vmxnet3_create_reply_t
struct  vl_api_vmxnet3_delete_t
struct  vl_api_vmxnet3_details_t
 Memory interface details structure. More...
struct  vl_api_vmxnet3_dump_t
 Dump all vmxnet3 interfaces. More...
struct  vl_api_sw_vmxnet3_interface_dump_t
 Dump vmxnet3 interfaces. More...
struct  vl_api_sw_vmxnet3_interface_details_t
 Reply for vmxnet3_interface_dump. More...


option version = "1.2.0"
import vnet interface_types api
typedef vmxnet3_tx_list
 vmxnet3_tx_list structure More...
u16 tx_next
u16 tx_produce
u16 tx_consume
typedef vmxnet3_rx_list
 vmxnet3_rx_list structure More...
u16 rx_fill [2]
u16 rx_next
u16 rx_produce [2]
u16 rx_consume [2]

Variable Documentation

◆ api

import vnet ethernet ethernet_types api

Definition at line 19 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ rx_consume

u16 rx_consume[2]

Definition at line 111 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ rx_fill

u16 rx_fill[2]

Definition at line 108 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ rx_next

u16 rx_next

Definition at line 109 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ rx_produce

u16 rx_produce[2]

Definition at line 110 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ tx_consume

u16 tx_consume

Definition at line 94 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ tx_next

u16 tx_next

Definition at line 92 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ tx_produce

u16 tx_produce

Definition at line 93 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ version

option version = "1.2.0"

Definition at line 18 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ vmxnet3_rx_list

typedef vmxnet3_rx_list
Initial value:
u16 rx_qsize
unsigned short u16
Definition: types.h:57

vmxnet3_rx_list structure

Template Parameters
rx_qsize- rx queue size
rx_fill- rx fill count
rx_next- rx next index
rx_produce- rx produce index
rx_consume- rx consume index

Definition at line 106 of file vmxnet3.api.

◆ vmxnet3_tx_list

typedef vmxnet3_tx_list
Initial value:
u16 tx_qsize
unsigned short u16
Definition: types.h:57

vmxnet3_tx_list structure

Template Parameters
tx_qsize- tx queue size
tx_next- tx next index
tx_produce- tx produce index
tx_consume- tx consume index

Definition at line 90 of file vmxnet3.api.