FD.io VPP  v21.01.1
Vector Packet Processing
lisp_gpe.api File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  vl_api_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_t
 add or delete GPE tunnel More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_add_del_fwd_entry_reply_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_enable_disable_t
 enable or disable gpe protocol More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_add_del_iface_t
 add or delete gpe_iface More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_fwd_entry_vnis_get_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_fwd_entry_vnis_get_reply_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_fwd_entries_get_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_fwd_entries_get_reply_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_fwd_entry_path_dump_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_fwd_entry_path_details_t
struct  vl_api_gpe_set_encap_mode_t
 Set GPE encapsulation mode. More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_get_encap_mode_t
 get GPE encapsulation mode More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_get_encap_mode_reply_t
 Reply for set_encap_mode. More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_add_del_native_fwd_rpath_t
 Add native fwd rpath. More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_native_fwd_rpaths_get_t
 get GPE native fwd rpath More...
struct  vl_api_gpe_native_fwd_rpaths_get_reply_t


option version = "2.0.0"
import vnet interface_types api
typedef gpe_locator
 GPE locator structure. More...
vl_api_address_t addr
typedef gpe_fwd_entry
u32 dp_table
vl_api_eid_t leid
vl_api_eid_t reid
u32 vni
u8 action
typedef gpe_native_fwd_rpath
 Reply for get native fwd rpath. More...
vl_api_interface_index_t nh_sw_if_index
vl_api_address_t nh_addr

Variable Documentation

◆ action

u8 action

Definition at line 120 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ addr

vl_api_address_t addr

Definition at line 29 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ api

import plugins lisp lisp cp lisp_types api

Definition at line 18 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ dp_table

u32 dp_table

Definition at line 116 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ gpe_fwd_entry

typedef gpe_fwd_entry
Initial value:
u32 fwd_entry_index
unsigned int u32
Definition: types.h:88

Definition at line 114 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ gpe_locator

typedef gpe_locator
Initial value:
unsigned char u8
Definition: types.h:56
u8 weight
Definition: fib_types.api:120

GPE locator structure.

Template Parameters
is_ip4- whether addr is IPv4 or v6
weight- locator weight
addr- IPv4/6 address

Definition at line 27 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ gpe_native_fwd_rpath

typedef gpe_native_fwd_rpath
Initial value:
u32 fib_index
unsigned int u32
Definition: types.h:88

Reply for get native fwd rpath.

Template Parameters
context- returned sender context, to match reply w/ request
retval- return code
table_id- table id for route path
nh_sw_if_index- next-hop sw_if_index (~0 if not set)
nh_addr- next hop address

Definition at line 219 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ leid

vl_api_eid_t leid

Definition at line 117 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ nh_addr

vl_api_address_t nh_addr

Definition at line 222 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ nh_sw_if_index

vl_api_interface_index_t nh_sw_if_index

Definition at line 221 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ reid

vl_api_eid_t reid

Definition at line 118 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ version

option version = "2.0.0"

Definition at line 16 of file lisp_gpe.api.

◆ vni

u32 vni

Definition at line 119 of file lisp_gpe.api.