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Vector Packet Processing
session_main_ Struct Reference
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Data Fields

 Worker contexts. More...
fifo_segment_t evt_qs_segment
 Event queues memfd segment. More...
u32 unique_segment_name_counter
 Unique segment name counter. More...
session_fifo_rx_fn ** session_tx_fns
 Per transport rx function that can either dequeue or peek. More...
 Per session type output nodes. More...
u32 transport_cl_thread
 Thread for cl and ho that rely on cl allocs. More...
transport_proto_t last_transport_proto_type
u8 is_enabled
 Session manager is enabled. More...
u8 is_initialized
 Session manager initialized (not necessarily enabled) More...
u8 session_enable_asap
 Enable session manager at startup. More...
u8 poll_main
 Poll session node in main thread. More...
u8 use_private_rx_mqs
 Allocate private rx mqs for external apps. More...
u8 no_adaptive
 Do not enable session queue node adaptive mode. More...
u32 configured_event_queue_length
 vpp fifo event queue configured length More...
uword session_baseva
 Session ssvm segment configs. More...
uword session_va_space_size
uword evt_qs_segment_size
u32 configured_v4_session_table_buckets
 Session table size parameters. More...
u32 configured_v4_session_table_memory
u32 configured_v4_halfopen_table_buckets
u32 configured_v4_halfopen_table_memory
u32 configured_v6_session_table_buckets
u32 configured_v6_session_table_memory
u32 configured_v6_halfopen_table_buckets
u32 configured_v6_halfopen_table_memory
u32 local_endpoints_table_memory
 Transport table (preallocation) size parameters. More...
u32 local_endpoints_table_buckets
u32 preallocated_sessions
 Preallocate session config parameter. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 173 of file session.h.

Field Documentation

◆ configured_event_queue_length

u32 session_main_::configured_event_queue_length

vpp fifo event queue configured length

Definition at line 220 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v4_halfopen_table_buckets

u32 session_main_::configured_v4_halfopen_table_buckets

Definition at line 230 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v4_halfopen_table_memory

u32 session_main_::configured_v4_halfopen_table_memory

Definition at line 231 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v4_session_table_buckets

u32 session_main_::configured_v4_session_table_buckets

Session table size parameters.

Definition at line 228 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v4_session_table_memory

u32 session_main_::configured_v4_session_table_memory

Definition at line 229 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v6_halfopen_table_buckets

u32 session_main_::configured_v6_halfopen_table_buckets

Definition at line 234 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v6_halfopen_table_memory

u32 session_main_::configured_v6_halfopen_table_memory

Definition at line 235 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v6_session_table_buckets

u32 session_main_::configured_v6_session_table_buckets

Definition at line 232 of file session.h.

◆ configured_v6_session_table_memory

u32 session_main_::configured_v6_session_table_memory

Definition at line 233 of file session.h.

◆ evt_qs_segment

fifo_segment_t session_main_::evt_qs_segment

Event queues memfd segment.

Definition at line 179 of file session.h.

◆ evt_qs_segment_size

uword session_main_::evt_qs_segment_size

Definition at line 225 of file session.h.

◆ is_enabled

u8 session_main_::is_enabled

Session manager is enabled.

Definition at line 202 of file session.h.

◆ is_initialized

u8 session_main_::is_initialized

Session manager initialized (not necessarily enabled)

Definition at line 205 of file session.h.

◆ last_transport_proto_type

transport_proto_t session_main_::last_transport_proto_type

Definition at line 195 of file session.h.

◆ local_endpoints_table_buckets

u32 session_main_::local_endpoints_table_buckets

Definition at line 239 of file session.h.

◆ local_endpoints_table_memory

u32 session_main_::local_endpoints_table_memory

Transport table (preallocation) size parameters.

Definition at line 238 of file session.h.

◆ no_adaptive

u8 session_main_::no_adaptive

Do not enable session queue node adaptive mode.

Definition at line 217 of file session.h.

◆ poll_main

u8 session_main_::poll_main

Poll session node in main thread.

Definition at line 211 of file session.h.

◆ preallocated_sessions

u32 session_main_::preallocated_sessions

Preallocate session config parameter.

Definition at line 242 of file session.h.

◆ session_baseva

uword session_main_::session_baseva

Session ssvm segment configs.

Definition at line 223 of file session.h.

◆ session_enable_asap

u8 session_main_::session_enable_asap

Enable session manager at startup.

Definition at line 208 of file session.h.

◆ session_tx_fns

session_fifo_rx_fn** session_main_::session_tx_fns

Per transport rx function that can either dequeue or peek.

Definition at line 185 of file session.h.

◆ session_type_to_next

u32* session_main_::session_type_to_next

Per session type output nodes.

Could optimize to group nodes by fib but lookup would then require session type parsing in session node. Trade memory for speed, for now

Definition at line 190 of file session.h.

◆ session_va_space_size

uword session_main_::session_va_space_size

Definition at line 224 of file session.h.

◆ transport_cl_thread

u32 session_main_::transport_cl_thread

Thread for cl and ho that rely on cl allocs.

Definition at line 193 of file session.h.

◆ unique_segment_name_counter

u32 session_main_::unique_segment_name_counter

Unique segment name counter.

Definition at line 182 of file session.h.

◆ use_private_rx_mqs

u8 session_main_::use_private_rx_mqs

Allocate private rx mqs for external apps.

Definition at line 214 of file session.h.

◆ wrk

session_worker_t* session_main_::wrk

Worker contexts.

Definition at line 176 of file session.h.

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