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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_cli_command_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

char * path
char * short_help
char * long_help
uword function_arg
uword is_mp_safe
struct vlib_cli_command_tnext_cli_command
u32 hit_counter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 92 of file cli.h.

Field Documentation

◆ function

vlib_cli_command_function_t* vlib_cli_command_t::function

Definition at line 103 of file cli.h.

◆ function_arg

uword vlib_cli_command_t::function_arg

Definition at line 106 of file cli.h.

◆ hit_counter

u32 vlib_cli_command_t::hit_counter

Definition at line 131 of file cli.h.

◆ is_mp_safe

uword vlib_cli_command_t::is_mp_safe

Definition at line 109 of file cli.h.

◆ long_help

char* vlib_cli_command_t::long_help

Definition at line 100 of file cli.h.

◆ next_cli_command

struct vlib_cli_command_t* vlib_cli_command_t::next_cli_command

Definition at line 128 of file cli.h.

◆ path

char* vlib_cli_command_t::path

Definition at line 96 of file cli.h.

◆ short_help

char* vlib_cli_command_t::short_help

Definition at line 99 of file cli.h.

◆ sub_command_index_by_name

uword* vlib_cli_command_t::sub_command_index_by_name

Definition at line 115 of file cli.h.

◆ sub_command_positions

vlib_cli_parse_position_t* vlib_cli_command_t::sub_command_positions

Definition at line 119 of file cli.h.

◆ sub_commands

vlib_cli_sub_command_t* vlib_cli_command_t::sub_commands

Definition at line 112 of file cli.h.

◆ sub_rule_index_by_name

uword* vlib_cli_command_t::sub_rule_index_by_name

Definition at line 122 of file cli.h.

◆ sub_rules

vlib_cli_sub_rule_t* vlib_cli_command_t::sub_rules

Definition at line 125 of file cli.h.

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