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Vector Packet Processing
acl_types.api File Reference

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option version = "1.0.0"
import vnet ip ip_types api
typedef acl_rule
 Access List Rule entry. More...
vl_api_prefix_t src_prefix
vl_api_prefix_t dst_prefix
vl_api_ip_proto_t proto
u16 srcport_or_icmptype_first
u16 srcport_or_icmptype_last
u16 dstport_or_icmpcode_first
u16 dstport_or_icmpcode_last
u8 tcp_flags_mask
u8 tcp_flags_value
typedef macip_acl_rule
 MACIP Access List Rule entry. More...
vl_api_mac_address_t src_mac
vl_api_mac_address_t src_mac_mask

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ acl_action

enum acl_action : u8

Definition at line 22 of file acl_types.api.

Variable Documentation

◆ acl_rule

typedef acl_rule
Initial value:
vl_api_acl_action_t is_permit

Access List Rule entry.

Template Parameters
is_permit- deny (0), permit (1), or permit+reflect(2) action on this rule.
src_prefix- Source prefix
dst_prefix- Destination prefix
proto- L4 protocol (http://www.iana.org/assignments/protocol-numbers/protocol-numbers.xhtml)
srcport_or_icmptype_first- beginning of source port or ICMP4/6 type range
srcport_or_icmptype_last- end of source port or ICMP4/6 type range
dstport_or_icmpcode_first- beginning of destination port or ICMP4/6 code range
dstport_or_icmpcode_last- end of destination port or ICMP4/6 code range
tcp_flags_mask- if proto==6, match masked TCP flags with this value
tcp_flags_value- if proto==6, mask to AND the TCP flags in the packet with

Definition at line 43 of file acl_types.api.

◆ api

import vnet ethernet ethernet_types api

Definition at line 19 of file acl_types.api.

◆ dst_prefix

vl_api_prefix_t dst_prefix

Definition at line 46 of file acl_types.api.

◆ dstport_or_icmpcode_first

u16 dstport_or_icmpcode_first

Definition at line 63 of file acl_types.api.

◆ dstport_or_icmpcode_last

u16 dstport_or_icmpcode_last

Definition at line 64 of file acl_types.api.

◆ macip_acl_rule

typedef macip_acl_rule
Initial value:
vl_api_acl_action_t is_permit

MACIP Access List Rule entry.

Template Parameters
is_permit- deny (0), permit (1) action on this rule.
src_mac- match masked source MAC address against this value
src_mac_mask- AND source MAC address with this value before matching
src_prefix- Source prefix value

Definition at line 83 of file acl_types.api.

◆ proto

vl_api_ip_proto_t proto

Definition at line 51 of file acl_types.api.

◆ src_mac

vl_api_mac_address_t src_mac

Definition at line 94 of file acl_types.api.

◆ src_mac_mask

vl_api_mac_address_t src_mac_mask

Definition at line 95 of file acl_types.api.

◆ src_prefix

vl_api_prefix_t src_prefix

Definition at line 45 of file acl_types.api.

◆ srcport_or_icmptype_first

u16 srcport_or_icmptype_first

Definition at line 61 of file acl_types.api.

◆ srcport_or_icmptype_last

u16 srcport_or_icmptype_last

Definition at line 62 of file acl_types.api.

◆ tcp_flags_mask

u8 tcp_flags_mask

Definition at line 70 of file acl_types.api.

◆ tcp_flags_value

u8 tcp_flags_value

Definition at line 71 of file acl_types.api.

◆ version

option version = "1.0.0"

Definition at line 17 of file acl_types.api.