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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_buffer_pool_t Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions


Data Fields

uword start
uword size
uword log2_page_size
u8 index
u32 numa_node
u32 physmem_map_index
u32 data_size
u32 n_buffers
u32 n_avail
clib_spinlock_t lock
vlib_buffer_t buffer_template

Detailed Description

Definition at line 450 of file buffer.h.

Member Function Documentation


vlib_buffer_pool_t::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline0  )

Field Documentation

◆ buffer_template

vlib_buffer_t vlib_buffer_pool_t::buffer_template

Definition at line 470 of file buffer.h.

◆ buffers

u32* vlib_buffer_pool_t::buffers

Definition at line 462 of file buffer.h.

◆ data_size

u32 vlib_buffer_pool_t::data_size

Definition at line 459 of file buffer.h.

◆ index

u8 vlib_buffer_pool_t::index

Definition at line 456 of file buffer.h.

◆ lock

clib_spinlock_t vlib_buffer_pool_t::lock

Definition at line 464 of file buffer.h.

◆ log2_page_size

uword vlib_buffer_pool_t::log2_page_size

Definition at line 455 of file buffer.h.

◆ n_avail

u32 vlib_buffer_pool_t::n_avail

Definition at line 461 of file buffer.h.

◆ n_buffers

u32 vlib_buffer_pool_t::n_buffers

Definition at line 460 of file buffer.h.

◆ name

u8* vlib_buffer_pool_t::name

Definition at line 463 of file buffer.h.

◆ numa_node

u32 vlib_buffer_pool_t::numa_node

Definition at line 457 of file buffer.h.

◆ physmem_map_index

u32 vlib_buffer_pool_t::physmem_map_index

Definition at line 458 of file buffer.h.

◆ size

uword vlib_buffer_pool_t::size

Definition at line 454 of file buffer.h.

◆ start

uword vlib_buffer_pool_t::start

Definition at line 453 of file buffer.h.

◆ threads

vlib_buffer_pool_thread_t* vlib_buffer_pool_t::threads

Definition at line 467 of file buffer.h.

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