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memif_details_t Struct Reference

Memif details. More...

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Data Fields

uint8_t * if_name
uint8_t * inst_name
uint8_t * remote_if_name
uint8_t * remote_inst_name
uint32_t id
uint8_t * secret
uint8_t role
uint8_t mode
uint8_t * socket_filename
uint8_t regions_num
uint8_t rx_queues_num
uint8_t tx_queues_num
uint8_t * error
uint8_t link_up_down

Detailed Description

Memif details.

if_name- interface name
inst_name- application name
remote_if_name- peer interface name
remote_inst_name- peer application name
id- connection id
secret- secret
role- 0 = master, 1 = slave
mode- 0 = ethernet, 1 = ip , 2 = punt/inject
socket_filename- socket filename
regions_num- number of regions
regions- struct containing region details
rx_queues_num- number of receive queues
tx_queues_num- number of transmit queues
rx_queues- struct containing receive queue details
tx_queues- struct containing transmit queue details
error- error string
link_up_down- 1 = up (connected), 2 = down (disconnected)

Definition at line 401 of file libmemif.h.

Field Documentation

◆ error

uint8_t* memif_details_t::error

Definition at line 420 of file libmemif.h.

◆ id

uint32_t memif_details_t::id

Definition at line 408 of file libmemif.h.

◆ if_name

uint8_t* memif_details_t::if_name

Definition at line 403 of file libmemif.h.

◆ inst_name

uint8_t* memif_details_t::inst_name

Definition at line 404 of file libmemif.h.

◆ link_up_down

uint8_t memif_details_t::link_up_down

Definition at line 421 of file libmemif.h.

◆ mode

uint8_t memif_details_t::mode

Definition at line 411 of file libmemif.h.

◆ regions

memif_region_details_t* memif_details_t::regions

Definition at line 414 of file libmemif.h.

◆ regions_num

uint8_t memif_details_t::regions_num

Definition at line 413 of file libmemif.h.

◆ remote_if_name

uint8_t* memif_details_t::remote_if_name

Definition at line 405 of file libmemif.h.

◆ remote_inst_name

uint8_t* memif_details_t::remote_inst_name

Definition at line 406 of file libmemif.h.

◆ role

uint8_t memif_details_t::role

Definition at line 410 of file libmemif.h.

◆ rx_queues

memif_queue_details_t* memif_details_t::rx_queues

Definition at line 417 of file libmemif.h.

◆ rx_queues_num

uint8_t memif_details_t::rx_queues_num

Definition at line 415 of file libmemif.h.

◆ secret

uint8_t* memif_details_t::secret

Definition at line 409 of file libmemif.h.

◆ socket_filename

uint8_t* memif_details_t::socket_filename

Definition at line 412 of file libmemif.h.

◆ tx_queues

memif_queue_details_t* memif_details_t::tx_queues

Definition at line 418 of file libmemif.h.

◆ tx_queues_num

uint8_t memif_details_t::tx_queues_num

Definition at line 416 of file libmemif.h.

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