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Vector Packet Processing
arping.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  arping6_ip6_reply_t
struct  arping_intf_t
struct  arping_main_t
struct  arping_args_t




typedef struct arping6_ip6_reply_t arping6_ip6_reply_t
typedef struct arping_intf_t arping_intf_t
typedef struct arping_main_t arping_main_t
typedef struct arping_args_t arping_args_t


typedef CLIB_PACKED (union arping46_reply_ { ethernet_arp_ip4_over_ethernet_address_t from4;arping6_ip6_reply_t from6;}) arping46_reply_t
clib_error_tarping_plugin_api_hookup (vlib_main_t *vm)
void arping_run_command (vlib_main_t *vm, arping_args_t *args)


arping_main_t arping_main

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Definition at line 21 of file arping.h.



Definition at line 22 of file arping.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ arping6_ip6_reply_t

◆ arping_args_t

typedef struct arping_args_t arping_args_t

◆ arping_intf_t

typedef struct arping_intf_t arping_intf_t

◆ arping_main_t

typedef struct arping_main_t arping_main_t

Function Documentation

◆ arping_plugin_api_hookup()

clib_error_t* arping_plugin_api_hookup ( vlib_main_t vm)

Definition at line 67 of file arping_api.c.

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◆ arping_run_command()

void arping_run_command ( vlib_main_t vm,
arping_args_t args 

Definition at line 634 of file arping.c.

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typedef CLIB_PACKED ( union arping46_reply_ { ethernet_arp_ip4_over_ethernet_address_t from4;arping6_ip6_reply_t from6;}  )

Variable Documentation

◆ arping_main

arping_main_t arping_main

Definition at line 26 of file arping.c.