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Vector Packet Processing
elf_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u8 need_byte_swap
u8 parsed_symbols
char * file_name
elf_first_header_t first_header
elf64_file_header_t file_header
char * interpreter
u32 dynamic_string_table_section_index
u32 dynamic_symbol_table_section_index
u32 dynamic_symbol_table_index
u32 dynamic_section_index
u32 versym_section_index
u32 verneed_section_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 882 of file elf.h.

Field Documentation

◆ dynamic_entries

elf64_dynamic_entry_t* elf_main_t::dynamic_entries

Definition at line 906 of file elf.h.

◆ dynamic_section_index

u32 elf_main_t::dynamic_section_index

Definition at line 911 of file elf.h.

◆ dynamic_string_table

u8* elf_main_t::dynamic_string_table

Definition at line 907 of file elf.h.

◆ dynamic_string_table_section_index

u32 elf_main_t::dynamic_string_table_section_index

Definition at line 908 of file elf.h.

◆ dynamic_symbol_table_index

u32 elf_main_t::dynamic_symbol_table_index

Definition at line 910 of file elf.h.

◆ dynamic_symbol_table_section_index

u32 elf_main_t::dynamic_symbol_table_section_index

Definition at line 909 of file elf.h.

◆ file_header

elf64_file_header_t elf_main_t::file_header

Definition at line 892 of file elf.h.

◆ file_name

char* elf_main_t::file_name

Definition at line 888 of file elf.h.

◆ first_header

elf_first_header_t elf_main_t::first_header

Definition at line 890 of file elf.h.

◆ interpreter

char* elf_main_t::interpreter

Definition at line 904 of file elf.h.

◆ need_byte_swap

u8 elf_main_t::need_byte_swap

Definition at line 884 of file elf.h.

◆ parsed_symbols

u8 elf_main_t::parsed_symbols

Definition at line 886 of file elf.h.

◆ relocation_tables

elf_relocation_table_t* elf_main_t::relocation_tables

Definition at line 902 of file elf.h.

◆ section_by_name

uword* elf_main_t::section_by_name

Definition at line 898 of file elf.h.

◆ section_by_start_address

uword* elf_main_t::section_by_start_address

Definition at line 899 of file elf.h.

◆ sections

elf_section_t* elf_main_t::sections

Definition at line 896 of file elf.h.

◆ segments

elf_segment_t* elf_main_t::segments

Definition at line 894 of file elf.h.

◆ symbol_tables

elf_symbol_table_t* elf_main_t::symbol_tables

Definition at line 901 of file elf.h.

◆ verneed

elf_dynamic_version_need_union_t* elf_main_t::verneed

Definition at line 914 of file elf.h.

◆ verneed_section_index

u32 elf_main_t::verneed_section_index

Definition at line 915 of file elf.h.

◆ versym

u16* elf_main_t::versym

Definition at line 912 of file elf.h.

◆ versym_section_index

u32 elf_main_t::versym_section_index

Definition at line 913 of file elf.h.

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