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Vector Packet Processing
memif_conn_args_t Struct Reference

Memif connection arguments. More...

Data Fields

memif_socket_handle_t socket
uint8_t secret [24]
uint8_t num_s2m_rings
uint8_t num_m2s_rings
uint16_t buffer_size
uint8_t log2_ring_size
uint8_t is_master
uint32_t interface_id
uint8_t interface_name [32]
memif_interface_mode_t mode:8

Detailed Description

Memif connection arguments.

socket- Memif socket handle, if NULL default socket will be used. Default socket is only supported in global database (see memif_init). Custom database does not create a default socket (see memif_per_thread_init). Memif connection is stored in the same database as the socket.
secret- optional parameter used as interface authentication
num_s2m_rings- number of slave to master rings
num_m2s_rings- number of master to slave rings
buffer_size- size of buffer in shared memory
log2_ring_size- logarithm base 2 of ring size
is_master- 0 == master, 1 == slave
interface_id- id used to identify peer connection
interface_name- interface name
mode- 0 == ethernet, 1 == ip , 2 == punt/inject

Definition at line 295 of file libmemif.h.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer_size

uint16_t memif_conn_args_t::buffer_size

default = 2048

Definition at line 302 of file libmemif.h.

◆ interface_id

uint32_t memif_conn_args_t::interface_id

Definition at line 306 of file libmemif.h.

◆ interface_name

uint8_t memif_conn_args_t::interface_name[32]

Definition at line 307 of file libmemif.h.

◆ is_master

uint8_t memif_conn_args_t::is_master

Definition at line 304 of file libmemif.h.

◆ log2_ring_size

uint8_t memif_conn_args_t::log2_ring_size

default = 10 (1024)

Definition at line 303 of file libmemif.h.

◆ mode

memif_interface_mode_t memif_conn_args_t::mode

Definition at line 308 of file libmemif.h.

◆ num_m2s_rings

uint8_t memif_conn_args_t::num_m2s_rings

default = 1

Definition at line 301 of file libmemif.h.

◆ num_s2m_rings

uint8_t memif_conn_args_t::num_s2m_rings

default = 1

Definition at line 300 of file libmemif.h.

◆ secret

uint8_t memif_conn_args_t::secret[24]

optional (interface authentication)

Definition at line 298 of file libmemif.h.

◆ socket

memif_socket_handle_t memif_conn_args_t::socket

default = /run/vpp/memif.sock

Definition at line 297 of file libmemif.h.

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