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Vector Packet Processing
memif_connection_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

uint16_t index
memif_conn_handle_t conn
uint16_t tx_qid
uint16_t tx_buf_num
uint16_t rx_buf_num
uint8_t ip_addr [4]
uint64_t tx_counter
uint64_t rx_counter
uint64_t tx_err_counter
uint64_t t_sec
uint64_t t_nsec
uint16_t seq
uint8_t pending_del

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file main.c.

Field Documentation

◆ bufs

memif_buffer_t* memif_connection_t::bufs

Definition at line 96 of file main.c.

◆ conn

memif_conn_handle_t memif_connection_t::conn

Definition at line 76 of file main.c.

◆ index

uint16_t memif_connection_t::index

Definition at line 74 of file main.c.

◆ ip_addr

uint8_t memif_connection_t::ip_addr

Definition at line 90 of file main.c.

◆ pending_del

uint8_t memif_connection_t::pending_del

Definition at line 102 of file main.c.

◆ rx_buf_num

uint16_t memif_connection_t::rx_buf_num

Definition at line 88 of file main.c.

◆ rx_bufs

memif_buffer_t * memif_connection_t::rx_bufs

Definition at line 85 of file main.c.

◆ rx_counter

uint64_t memif_connection_t::rx_counter

Definition at line 129 of file main.c.

◆ seq

uint16_t memif_connection_t::seq

Definition at line 112 of file main.c.

◆ t_nsec

uint64_t memif_connection_t::t_nsec

Definition at line 130 of file main.c.

◆ t_sec

uint64_t memif_connection_t::t_sec

Definition at line 130 of file main.c.

◆ tx_buf_num

uint16_t memif_connection_t::tx_buf_num

Definition at line 83 of file main.c.

◆ tx_bufs

memif_buffer_t * memif_connection_t::tx_bufs

Definition at line 80 of file main.c.

◆ tx_counter

uint64_t memif_connection_t::tx_counter

Definition at line 129 of file main.c.

◆ tx_err_counter

uint64_t memif_connection_t::tx_err_counter

Definition at line 129 of file main.c.

◆ tx_qid

uint16_t memif_connection_t::tx_qid

Definition at line 78 of file main.c.

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