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Vector Packet Processing
af_xdp.bpf.c File Reference
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#define DEBUG_PRINT(fmt, ...)
#define ntohs(x)   __constant_ntohs(x)


int xdp_sock_prog (struct xdp_md *ctx)


struct bpf_map_def xsks_map

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#define DEBUG_PRINT (   fmt,

Definition at line 26 of file af_xdp.bpf.c.

◆ ntohs

#define ntohs (   x)    __constant_ntohs(x)

Definition at line 29 of file af_xdp.bpf.c.

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◆ xdp_sock_prog()

int xdp_sock_prog ( struct xdp_md *  ctx)

Definition at line 40 of file af_xdp.bpf.c.

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◆ xsks_map

struct bpf_map_def xsks_map
Initial value:
= {
.key_size = sizeof(int),
.value_size = sizeof(int),
.max_entries = 64,

Definition at line 32 of file af_xdp.bpf.c.