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Vector Packet Processing
mpcap_main_t Struct Reference

MPCAP main state data structure. More...

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Data Fields

char * file_name
 File name of mpcap output. More...
clib_spinlock_t lock
 spinlock, initialized if flagged MPCAP_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE More...
u32 n_packets_to_capture
 Number of packets to capture. More...
mpcap_packet_type_t packet_type
 Packet type. More...
u64 max_file_size
 Maximum file size. More...
 Base address. More...
 current memory address More...
u32 n_packets_captured
 Number of packets currently captured. More...
 Pointer to file header in svm, for ease of updating. More...
u32 flags
 flags More...
u32 n_mpcap_data_written
 Bytes written. More...
 Vector of mpcap data. More...
u64 packets_read
 Packets in mapped mpcap file. More...
u32 min_packet_bytes
 Min/Max Packet bytes. More...
u32 max_packet_bytes

Detailed Description

MPCAP main state data structure.

Definition at line 104 of file mpcap.h.

Field Documentation

◆ current_va

u8* mpcap_main_t::current_va

current memory address

Definition at line 125 of file mpcap.h.

◆ file_baseva

u8* mpcap_main_t::file_baseva

Base address.

Definition at line 122 of file mpcap.h.

◆ file_header

mpcap_file_header_t* mpcap_main_t::file_header

Pointer to file header in svm, for ease of updating.

Definition at line 131 of file mpcap.h.

◆ file_name

char* mpcap_main_t::file_name

File name of mpcap output.

Definition at line 107 of file mpcap.h.

◆ flags

u32 mpcap_main_t::flags


Definition at line 134 of file mpcap.h.

◆ lock

clib_spinlock_t mpcap_main_t::lock

spinlock, initialized if flagged MPCAP_FLAG_THREAD_SAFE

Definition at line 110 of file mpcap.h.

◆ max_file_size

u64 mpcap_main_t::max_file_size

Maximum file size.

Definition at line 119 of file mpcap.h.

◆ max_packet_bytes

u32 mpcap_main_t::max_packet_bytes

Definition at line 149 of file mpcap.h.

◆ min_packet_bytes

u32 mpcap_main_t::min_packet_bytes

Min/Max Packet bytes.

Definition at line 149 of file mpcap.h.

◆ mpcap_data

u8* mpcap_main_t::mpcap_data

Vector of mpcap data.

Definition at line 143 of file mpcap.h.

◆ n_mpcap_data_written

u32 mpcap_main_t::n_mpcap_data_written

Bytes written.

Definition at line 140 of file mpcap.h.

◆ n_packets_captured

u32 mpcap_main_t::n_packets_captured

Number of packets currently captured.

Definition at line 128 of file mpcap.h.

◆ n_packets_to_capture

u32 mpcap_main_t::n_packets_to_capture

Number of packets to capture.

Definition at line 113 of file mpcap.h.

◆ packet_type

mpcap_packet_type_t mpcap_main_t::packet_type

Packet type.

Definition at line 116 of file mpcap.h.

◆ packets_read

u64 mpcap_main_t::packets_read

Packets in mapped mpcap file.

Definition at line 146 of file mpcap.h.

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