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Vector Packet Processing
teib.api File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  vl_api_teib_entry_add_del_t
struct  vl_api_teib_dump_t
struct  vl_api_teib_details_t


option version = "1.0.0"
import vnet ip ip_types api
typedef teib_entry
 TEIB Entry. More...
vl_api_address_t peer
vl_api_address_t nh
u32 nh_table_id

Variable Documentation

◆ api

import vnet interface_types api

Definition at line 19 of file teib.api.

◆ nh

vl_api_address_t nh

Definition at line 29 of file teib.api.

◆ nh_table_id

u32 nh_table_id

Definition at line 30 of file teib.api.

◆ peer

vl_api_address_t peer

Definition at line 28 of file teib.api.

◆ teib_entry

typedef teib_entry
Initial value:
vl_api_interface_index_t sw_if_index

TEIB Entry.

Template Parameters

Definition at line 26 of file teib.api.

◆ version

option version = "1.0.0"

Definition at line 17 of file teib.api.

vl_api_interface_index_t sw_if_index
Definition: wireguard.api:34