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Vector Packet Processing
ip6_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

ip_lookup_main_t lookup_main
struct fib_table_t_fibs
struct mfib_table_t_mfibs
 Vector of MFIBs. More...
ip6_address_t fib_masks [129]
 Table index indexed by software interface. More...
 Hash table mapping table id to multicast fib index. More...
 Functions to call when interface to table biding changes. More...
u32 flow_hash_seed
struct {
   u8   ttl
   u8   pad [3]
u8 hbh_enabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file ip6.h.

Field Documentation

◆ add_del_interface_address_callbacks

ip6_add_del_interface_address_callback_t* ip6_main_t::add_del_interface_address_callbacks

Definition at line 148 of file ip6.h.

◆ fib_index_by_sw_if_index

u32* ip6_main_t::fib_index_by_sw_if_index

Definition at line 127 of file ip6.h.

◆ fib_index_by_table_id

uword* ip6_main_t::fib_index_by_table_id

Definition at line 137 of file ip6.h.

◆ fib_masks

ip6_address_t ip6_main_t::fib_masks[129]

Definition at line 124 of file ip6.h.

◆ fibs

struct fib_table_t_* ip6_main_t::fibs

Definition at line 115 of file ip6.h.

◆ flow_hash_seed

u32 ip6_main_t::flow_hash_seed

Definition at line 154 of file ip6.h.

◆ hbh_enabled

u8 ip6_main_t::hbh_enabled

Definition at line 165 of file ip6.h.

◆ host_config

struct { ... } ip6_main_t::host_config

◆ interface_route_adj_index_by_sw_if_index

uword* ip6_main_t::interface_route_adj_index_by_sw_if_index

Definition at line 144 of file ip6.h.

◆ ip_enabled_by_sw_if_index

u8* ip6_main_t::ip_enabled_by_sw_if_index

Definition at line 133 of file ip6.h.

◆ lookup_main

ip_lookup_main_t ip6_main_t::lookup_main

Definition at line 112 of file ip6.h.

◆ mfib_index_by_sw_if_index

u32* ip6_main_t::mfib_index_by_sw_if_index

Table index indexed by software interface.

Definition at line 130 of file ip6.h.

◆ mfib_index_by_table_id

uword* ip6_main_t::mfib_index_by_table_id

Hash table mapping table id to multicast fib index.

ID space is not necessarily dense; index space is dense.

Definition at line 141 of file ip6.h.

◆ mfibs

struct mfib_table_t_* ip6_main_t::mfibs

Vector of MFIBs.

Definition at line 121 of file ip6.h.

◆ pad

u8 ip6_main_t::pad[3]

Definition at line 161 of file ip6.h.

◆ table_bind_callbacks

ip6_table_bind_callback_t* ip6_main_t::table_bind_callbacks

Functions to call when interface to table biding changes.

Definition at line 151 of file ip6.h.

◆ ttl

u8 ip6_main_t::ttl

Definition at line 159 of file ip6.h.

◆ v6_fibs

ip6_fib_t* ip6_main_t::v6_fibs

Definition at line 118 of file ip6.h.

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